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Halloween Costume Ideas

The second best time of the year has arrived (after Christmas) and so comes all of the fab ways that we can celebrate Halloween! There may not be any parties this year and trick-or-treating might not be allowed, but putting on a fun costume and getting the Halloween makeup out cannot be taken away from us.


With so many great celebs to choose from, dressing up as one of them is going to be easy! Luckily for us, so many celebrities have such distinctive looks that they can be simple to recreate. Lady Gaga has more costumes than I can think of . Ariana Grande, high ponytail anyone? Britney Spears, the '....Baby One More Time' video outfit is iconic. So many celebs, so little time.


For any of you History lovers out there, bring your passion to life this year and dress up as someone who inspires you from the past. Whether you love Ancient Egypt and are fascinated by Cleopatra, or have always wanted to be part of the 1920s and dress up as a flapper girl, there are millions of years to choose from! Bonus - mix both celebs and history and dress up as an Old Hollywood movie star.


This is where we have some real fun! Break out the Halloween makeup kit and get creative this year with some spooky costumes. Gone are the days of simple witch or vampire costumes, now let's step it up a gear and let our artistic juices flow by adding extra touches with lifelike makeup, or even add some lights onto the costume. The possibilities are endless!


Last night, I was reading a book about a celeb who loves Disney and it got me thinking, are you ever too old to love Disney? I don't think so. Even now, everyone that I know has a favourite Disney movie (mine's The Lion King), so dressing up as your most beloved character is a great way to celebrate Halloween. For people of all ages, this is a costume idea anyone can pull off.

Movie/TV Characters

Remember when everyone was dressing up as Eleven from Stranger Things for Halloween? Well, every year a new character emerges that everyone wants to dress up as. This year, pick your favourite movie/TV character and wear a super cool costume inspired by them. Harry Potter costumes never go out of style, neither do anything superhero! You could even get your best friend involved and go as Betty and Veronica from Riverdale.

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