Happiest Countries In The World

When thinking about booking a summer holiday (if you are brave enough to do it at the moment) it is interesting to know how happy the people are where you are going. Here I am going to tell you the happiest countries in the world and why they are so.

5. Norway

It was interesting doing research on the happiest countries as the majority of them were Scandinavian. It is said that the countries with colder, darker climates actually keep people feeling happier because it means that a greater support network is needed to survive which brings communities closer together. Therefore, having lots of people around causes greater happiness.

4. Iceland

As with Norway, Iceland is considered to be one of the happiest countries for social reasons also. Since Iceland boasts small communities, family and friends, the majority of the time, live closer together, which means that maintaining good connections with them is easier and having a strong social life is not too difficult. Again, living with a close network of people is the cause for happiness.

3. Switzerland

Stepping away from the Scandinavian side of the world, Switzerland is considered one of the happiest countries for a few different reasons. The top being, strong social networks, people feeling content and free, kindness and a good life expectancy. Having lots of different factors contributing to happiness is what puts Switzerland above the other two countries on this list.

2. Denmark

Back to the main show, aka, why the Scandinavians are so happy! Denmark's happiness reasons are closely linked to the other three countries as the World Happiness Report said it was to do with social equality and a happy community, and here I was thinking that it was to do with the super delicious danish pastries they have there! However, the real reasons are much more realistic.

1. Finland

For three years now, Finland has been considered the happiest country in the world and there are many reasons for it. Firstly, it is said that as a society they trust each other and feel safe as a community. They also pride themselves on a good education system and equality for all. So there you have it, if you want to see the happiest people in the world, visit anywhere in Scandinavia (or Switzerland)!

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