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Heartwarming TV Moments

Who doesn't love a happy storyline? There are specific moments in shows that make us collectively say "awww". Whether it be true friendship, relationships, or really anything heartfelt, those are the moments that truly make a TV show. So, when times are rough, it's nice to be able to go back, and relive some of the most memorable heartfelt moments to ever grace our screens.

1. Rachel Came Off The Plane - 'Friends'

I've been watching 'Friends' since I was born, and can honestly say, this was the first moment that I felt happy that two characters found their happy ending. Whether you're a Ross fan or not, you have to admit that this scene is one of the most romantic of the whole show. After ten seasons of will-they-won't-they, finally seeing Ross and Rachel together makes it all worth it.

2. Charlotte Knew Her Daughter - 'Sex And The City'

Charlotte's fertility struggles were always difficult to watch, as we all knew how badly she wanted a child. However, when she and Harry's adoption goes through, she sees a picture of her new baby and immediately knows that she's her daughter. It's a moment that not only people with fertility difficulties can appreciate, as we can all see the joy Charlotte feels when she realises she is going to be a mother.

3. Kurt And Blaine Get Engaged - 'Glee'

We all know that Kurt and Blaine are the best couple in 'Glee' (IMHO), so it's no surprise that their engagement made the list. After all that they've been through, it's so great to see them both happy. With Blaine bringing all of the past Glee club competitors back together to help him, plus him singing all you need is love, this scene is one of the best proposals ever!

4. Barry Proposes To Iris - 'The Flash'

Last proposal, I promise. Strictly talking about their second engagement, this is another lovely musical proposal. After getting out of his very own dream musical, Barry decides to propose to Iris (for a second time). Opposite to Klaine's big engagement, Barry keeps it intimate and simple by singing to Iris in their apartment. For everyone who's been shipping them together since the beginning, this was an amazing moment.

5. Stiles Saves Scott - 'Teen Wolf'

In one of the most emotional scenes in the show, when Scott is on the edge and ready to do the worst, Stiles saves him by reminding him that he is worth something. It is a scene that shows real friendship, especially when Stiles calls Scott his 'brother'. It reminds everyone that friends are the family we choose, and no matter what, there is always someone who cares about you.

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