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How Does December Look For Your Star Sign?

Last month I did the first tarot reading for each star sign, to see what November would hold for them. Now that December is approaching and we all know that it is the busiest month of the year, it is time to see what it holds for each star sign out there. Have some fun and let's see what December may bring to you.

Aries - Two of Pentacles

Oh Aries, you didn't listen did you? Last month (out of 78 cards) you got the exact same one! You have clearly committed yourself to way too much during November and have struggled juggling your priorities. However, fear not as you definitely have it in you to balance these priorities effectively during December.

Taurus - Five of Cups

This year has surely gotten to you Taurus. It's been tough and you may be feeling like you have failed at each of your goals that you planned to achieve this year. Don't worry though, as in the Five of Cups card, there is a bridge in the distance symbolising that there is a way to get over this hurdle, you just have to make sure you get yourself there.

Gemini - Three of Cups

The Three of Cups is the card of celebration and with Christmas just around the corner, it's clear that this year is going to be a good one for you Gemini! Lately you have been feeling rather independent, but let others around you join in on the celebration. The more the merrier!

Cancer - Seven of Wands

Protection is the key word for you this month. It feels like someone has come into your life and began to challenge you. Whether it is for the better or the worse, use you self-belief and it will protect you from any negative energies trying to get their way into your life.

Leo - The Lovers

Passion is coming your way Leo. It feels like your life this year has been an endless succession of disharmony, but this is all going to change! Trust yourself and know that what's meant to be will be. Uncover the truth about your feelings and make a decision that's right for you.

Virgo - Knight of Cups

I see romance making its way towards you soon Virgo! The Knight of Cups symbolises making a decision based on your heart and not your head. Sometimes you are guilty of having an overactive mind and imagining things that aren't actually there. Trust your heart as it will not lead you astray.

Libra - The Hierophant

Personal beliefs are important to you Libra and that is especially true now. You have worked hard on things you would like to achieve by the end of the year and are now ready to pass on your wisdom to others. Try keeping a Lapis Lazuli crystal near you, as it will bring that deep inner self-knowledge that you need.

Scorpio - Four of Wands

Happiness and security are your main themes for December Scorpio. Homecoming is finally in front of you and after a long year of not seeing those you love, you can now enjoy their company. You've worked hard this year and this is your reward.

Sagittarius - Page of Wands

With your birthday either just gone or coming up soon, it is time to unlock your limitless potential. You have amazing ideas coming to you at the moment, but they are not quite ready to put into motion yet. Stop for a minute and think about how to execute them before you go full steam ahead.

Capricorn - Three of Swords

Grief comes in many forms Cap and right now you are grieving on the year you feel like you have lost. Stop focussing on the past and look to the future. Move on and let go of any sadness from the year just gone. Try using a Smoky Quartz to help with maintaining positive thoughts.

Aquarius - The Tower

Chaos has taken over your life. Whether it's with work or family, something has shaken you and even though it may seem like the worst time for something unexpected to have happened, trust me it is for the best. Change is here to guide you in a new direction. Embrace it!

Pisces - Eight of Swords

Have you noticed that your inner critic has been taking over lately Pisces? Those negative thoughts are no longer serving you and it is time to let them go. Know that you are good enough and that constant criticism you give yourself is utterly wrong. Give yourself a mental break, you need it.

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