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How Does the Way You Were Raised Help You Today?

Reflecting on how we were raised is tricky, as no two people have the same experiences. Your view on your childhood also changes as you get older. When you’re a child, everything revolves around your parents, you literally need them to survive. Then you become a teenager and suddenly everything they do is annoying, and your childhood feels like one never ending disaster. In adulthood you start to see your parents as actual people, instead of just your mum and dad, and you make your opinions based on that. Finally, when you become a parent yourself, you see all the good and bad parts of your own childhood in a different way. You see the sacrifices your parents made, and work hard to correct their mistakes. Today we will be discussing how your childhood has helped you become who you are right now.

First up, and arguably one of the most important things to learn when you’re young, resilience. Resilience is a skill we as adults use daily. Accidently drop a glass? Clean it up and grab another one. Fall down? Get back up and shake it off. Fail a test? Learn from your mistakes and try again. Children learn resilience through experience. Parents who allow their children to think for themselves and face normal problems show them that they can overcome obstacles in their way. This builds confidence and allows them to be more self-assured when another challenge arises.

You know the quote ‘You can’t build a house on a weak foundation’, well this can be used to describe a solid childhood. I prefer the phrase ‘You’ve got to have roots before branches’, but they mean the same thing. Childhood experiences from birth to age 8 affect the development of the brain’s architecture. This provides the foundation for learning, health, and behaviour. Having a strong foundation as a child helps children become well-functioning adults by giving them the skills they need.

Furthermore, how do our parents influence us? When you’re young, your parents influence your basic values, like religious beliefs, educational choices, and issues related to your future. If you’re close with your parents, you are more likely to want to ask for their guidance and advice, but if not, then you are more likely to rebel. The closer you are with your parents, the more influence they will have in your life.

It's not just parents that shape who we are, the whole family plays a role. A family who shares a good bond and emotional connection teaches children the importance of sympathy, kindness, and togetherness. As we grow up, our family becomes our emotional and financial support. If your family is supportive, you will feel free to express your feelings openly and ask for help when you need it. This allows a person to become happy and successful in life.

By Pia Louisa

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