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How To Balance Your Chakras

Your chakras are energy centres in your body. They are thought to be like 'wheels' that should remain balanced. If you feel your energy has shifted and isn't quite as balanced as it should be, here are a few ways to get your chakras back on track.

Root Chakra

Are you feeling unmotivated and bored? Sounds like your root chakra could be blocked. The root chakra is associated with the element Earth and is located at the bottom of the spine. Taking deep breaths is a great way to rebalance this chakra. Just sitting down and feeling the ground beneath you, take deep breaths and connect to the rhythms of your body. Another great way to balance your root chakra is by listening to music.

Sacral Chakra

Are you feeling emotionally unstable and overly hectic? This could mean your sacral chakra is blocked. By getting your creativity going again and doing something artistic, you will heal this chakra. What's great is that you can do it however you like, as each person has a different way of connecting to their creativity. You can also try bringing crystals (Orange Calcite and Carnelian will work well) into your home.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Do you feel out of control and not very confident? This is what happens when your solar plexus chakra is blocked. The solar plexus is located just above the belly button, is yellow in colour and associated with the element Fire. To heal this chakra, work on your posture. Stand tall and make your body look as confident as it can, your mind will soon follow. Also, don't forget to heal from mistakes made in the past.

Heart Chakra

Have you been feeling jealous lately, or want to find love but are too scared to open up? This could mean you heart chakra is blocked. The heart chakra is located (no surprise) in the centre of the chest, is the colour green and associated with the element Air. To heal this chakra, use crystals with love energies, such as Rhodonite and Emerald. Make sure you also repeat affirmations about love and remain positive.

Throat Chakra

Are you feeling shy and have a difficulty expressing yourself? This sounds like your throat chakra is blocked. Meditating to heal this chakra is wonderful. Reconnect with your body and find out within yourself how you prefer to communicate with others. Also try out writing in a journal. Get out all of your thoughts and feelings on paper and soon the next step will be getting it out through speech.

Third Eye Chakra

Have you only been focussed on seeing the negatives lately and are imagining worst possible scenarios? Your third eye chakra might be blocked. Go for a walk and relax. Get back out into the world and open your eyes to the beauty out there. Treat yourself right by eating healthily and looking after yourself. Your intuition will soon open up and your centre of wisdom will be healed.

Crown Chakra

Do you feel alien to those around you and find it difficult to make connections? Your crown chakra may be blocked. The crown chakra is located at the very top of the head and is associated with the colour violet. Working on your spirituality can help to balance this chakra, but remember, no one can connect you with Spirit but you. Also, add some lavender to your home for the colour and the relaxing atmosphere.

By Pia Talbot

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