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How to get your crush to notice you

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

When we meet someone we like, it's normal to feel nervous, shy and sometimes even sick and even though some people have the ability to walk up to their crush and tell them that they like them easily (which I could never do), the majority of us can barely stand the thought of saying one word to them. Which is why using a few little tricks, to get them to know you exist, can help.

Usually, saying "hello" to someone isn't that scary, but when it comes to someone you fancy, many of us find it a terrifying thing to do. So to all those who find it difficult to say one word or even walk towards your crush, you are not alone.

Luckily, there are a few tricks to use to help you get your crush to notice you in a way that isn't too difficult. It can be nerve-racking to even begin trying to get someone you like to see you, but it's better to know that you tried your best than to feel regretful later. Also remember, that if they don't like you, then they are not right for you.

So for now, here are five easy tips to help you get your crush to notice you, even if you get nervous:

1. Find similar interests

Finding similar interests and hobbies can be an easy way to relate better to your crush and can help you socialise with them. If you're not sure what they are into, ask around. People love talking so don't be afraid to ask someone about them. Once you know what they like, use it as a way to get to know them more.

2. Laugh at their jokes

Hopefully, they will be funny enough you won't have to think about laughing at their jokes and you just will without thinking about it. However, even if they aren't the funniest person you've met, laugh anyway! It's always nice when people think your

funny and if your crush knows your laughing at their jokes, I guarantee they will continue trying to make you laugh.

3. Be noticeable

This one may be a bit scary but just bear with me. Be noticeable and get their attention, but not in a desperate way. Try joining some new clubs and meeting some new people. Once they see you out and about they'll notice you more and then it will be easier for them to come and talk to you.

4. Look your best

When I say look your best, I don't mean put on an outfit that you think they'll like and therefore want to talk to you. I mean put on something that makes you feel AMAZING. You don't need to change who you are or what you like to wear to get someone, so look like the best version of yourself and your confidence will shoot through the roof!

5. Talk to them

I know this is the most scary on the list but it is honestly the most effective way to be noticed. Just begin trying to talk to them. Then as you get a bit more confident, say hi. Continue this until you gradually start talking more and eventually become friends. As time goes on you'll eventually become comfortable enough around each other to possibly become more.

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