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How To Live Your Best 2020

2020. The start of a new decade. I think it's safe to say, two weeks in, that the year has officially begun! At the start of a new year it's normal to want to learn from the past year's mistakes and start fresh, however, now we're at a new decade, we have the next ten years to think about.

Everyone has different aspects of their life they want to focus on in the coming months, whether it be friends, family, or relationships, but how can you focus on them if you don't give time to yourself? Living your best life is all about being who you want to be, however, it's easy to lose yourself in all of the chaos of everyday life. Here are my tips for living the life you deserve:

1. Think About The Positives

There's no point dwelling on the negative aspects of life when there are so many amazing things to think about. Sure, there are always going to be rough patches in life, but worrying about the bad isn't going to make the bad stuff better, you're just going to be worrying twice, once before the bad thing happens and once when it actually happens.

2. Find Someone To Talk To

I know this sounds simple, but this might be one of the toughest things to do. Finding someone to talk to about the fun things in life is pretty easy, but finding that person you can really talk to about the difficult times, can be really hard. It can be a friend, a partner, a parent, anyone you feel comfortable enough to open up to. It's not uncommon to never find that person, which doesn't mean you have no one in your life, it just means you have to look elsewhere for it. Luckily, there are many professionals out there who can help with that exact thing.

3. Take Action

Personally, I am the type of person to wait for the universe to do its thing and let destiny take its course, but this shouldn't always be the case. Waiting for others to do something can be pointless, because it may never happen. Want to ask a friend to go out next week but are scared they'll say no? Do it, chances are they're thinking the same thing. Want to go for your dream job but nervous you're not good enough? Go for it, the worst thing to happen is you don't get it and you'll just try again. If you know what you want, or even just want to try something new, be proactive and take your life into your own hands.

4. Be Yourself

People say this all the time, but it's a tough thing to do. Being yourself is scary. What if no one likes me? What if all my friends go away? Asking yourself these questions helps no one. It takes time, so don't be disheartened if you're not ready yet, but once you start being true to yourself, your whole world is going to open up. Gone are the days of being miserable just to fit in with people you don't really like that much. The people that you do meet are going to love you for you, and they really are worth it.

5. Do The Best You Can

Not to say you are not already doing this, I mean don't worry if you are not perfect. Perfection is a myth that someone invented to make us constantly feel bad about ourselves. One person's perfection is another person's average! As long as you try the best you can, there's no need to feel down about it. There is nothing more you can give than your best.

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