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How Women in Rom-Coms Are Portrayed Incorrectly

If all women acted the way they portray us in rom-coms, we would hardly get anything done, let alone have our dream job, be with the love of our lives and still have time to socialise with friends! Yes, there are a few exceptions as of the later movies, but still, have women really not changed over the however many years these movies have been made?

They Become Stunningly Beautiful Once They ‘Take Off Their Glasses’

Ever since Cinderella, the ‘ugly duckling’ turned ‘supermodel’ story has become an instant favourite of many. However, my question is, why are women supposedly ‘plain’ or even ‘ugly’ before they have a so-called makeover? I mean, doesn’t it seem like any time a woman has a makeover in any of these films, it changes her whole personality? If you want a makeover, then go for it, but someone forcing you to change who you are so you seem more attractive, no thanks.

They Make Women Aspire to be Like Them

One of the reasons why women love rom-coms way more than men, is because the lead character in them is always something we think we should aspire to. However, the main female characters in most of these movies are completely unrealistic. They make it seem like they have it all and we have nothing! Untrue. The women in these films are always going to be richer or skinnier or have more men after them than we do. Do you know why? It’s because it is fiction!

Unhealthy Expectations of Beauty

Little girls think the way the actresses look in rom-coms is completely normal. They think that there is something wrong with them because these ‘16’ year old girls look like models and they don’t. By having 25 year olds plays teenagers, it sends out unhealthy expectations to these young girls who think they should look like them. Similarly, when women wake up in the morning ‘fresh faced’ but actually have tons of makeup on. Seriously?

Where Are the Complex Female Characters?

Perfect women do not exist. Perfect men do not exist. So, why is it now we are still portraying them as such? Yes, it is fiction so it’s not like they are telling us that there are people this way, but when we start to compare ourselves to them, that’s when it becomes personal. I’m not saying these characters need to change everything about themselves, but maybe take a few hints from TV and create a couple more female characters with a bit more depth to them.

Downplaying Other Aspects of Life

Relationships are not everything! Obviously, the main focus of a rom-com is romance (hence the rom) but if you are single watching one, it sucks. You may have an incredible job and great friends, but if you are single then you may as well just forget about it. Finding love is great and something that happens for everyone at one stage or another, but in the meantime, there are plenty of other things in life to be happy about.

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