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Iconic Movie Fashion Inspiration

There are so many iconic movies out there, and so many amazing scenes. For me, what makes a movie iconic is everything coming together and being just right, including the fashion. I want to be able to look at a character and wish I had their entire wardrobe! Unfortunately, I cannot have their entire wardrobe, so for now, here are my ways to recreate some of movies iconic fashion moments:

Sandy from ‘Grease’

Sandy’s all-black outfit at the end of the movie will forever go down in history, and it is so simple to recreate. Obviously, the whole leather trousers thing isn’t for everyone, so throw on a pair of black jeans instead. Add to that a simple black top and if you’re really feeling this look, a black leather jacket.

Cher from ‘Clueless’

Cher may not be the best driver in the world, but she sure can dress to impress! She has that effortless combination of classy yet sexy, matching simple tops with cute miniskirts. We might not be able to afford the designer pieces she keeps in her closet but put together a plain white top and a pleated miniskirt and you’ve got yourself a Cher approved outfit.

Vivian from 'Pretty Woman'

Vivian’s style in Pretty Woman is flawless. She shows both her naughty and nice sides in her fashion. Vivian inspired many with her style and one look in particular is the iconic thigh-high boots ensemble. Keep the look simple with the boots as the statement and you’ll be your own pretty woman.

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