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January Birth Dates Meaning

It's time for a new series, and we are starting with those born in January! Every day of the year has a name and it says a lot about your personality if you were born on this day. So, if you were born in January, or if you know someone born in January, here is what their birthday means.

January 1st - The Day of the Emotional Organiser

Those born on January 1st are leaders who like to be organised and structured. They are incredibly responsible, however can often be quite inflexible.

January 2nd - The Day of Self-Requirement

Those born on January 2nd put huge demands on themselves, as they have very high standards. They are responsible people who have a tendency to become workaholics.

January 3rd - The Day of Total Involvement

Those born on January 3rd are very committed and trustworthy people. However, they can often be quite stubborn.

January 4th - The Day of the Formulators

Those born on January 4th are wonderful problem solvers. They have great vision for the future, but can often be opinionated.

January 5th - The Day of Recovery

Those born on January 5th value their recovery time. They are serious people who can often be overconfident.

January 6th - The Day of Substantiation

Those born on January 6th are faithful, however can often be quite naïve.

January 7th - The Day of Usual Interests

Those born on January 7th are incredibly intuitive, but can be overinvolved.

January 8th - The Day of the Big Bang

Those born on January 8th are self-confident, but can sometimes be a bit arrogant.

January 9th - The Day of Ambition

Those born on January 9th are tough and hard-working individuals. They are very resilient, but can also be controlling at times.

January 10th - The Day of the Hard Look

Those born on January 10th are huge realists. They are tough, but can sometimes be described as insensitive.

January 11th - The Day of Evaluation

Those born on January 11th are strong-willed and highly capable. They are trustworthy, but can be judgemental.

January 12th - The Day of the Wild Call

Those born on January 12th will most likely be in a job that they can throw themselves into. They are professional, but sometimes sacrifice too much for their work.

January 13th - The Day of Upward Mobility

Those born on January 13th find status very important. They are goal-oriented people who are incredibly driven.

January 14th - The Day of the Integrator

Those born on January 14th are great when it comes to a work-life balance. They are unbeatable, but find it hard showing emotions.

January 15th - The Day of the Heroic Inevitability

Those born on January 15th are romantic people who can be very indulgent!

January 16th - The Day of Fulfilment

Those born on January 16th want to be fulfilled in every are of their life. They are active people who find it difficult to stray from their routine.

January 17th - The Day of the Heavyweight

Those born on January 17th are independent, but often dominating.

January 18th - The Day of Childlike Fancy

Those born on January 18th are imaginative, however they can also be naïve.

January 19th - The Day of Dreams and Visions

Those born on January 19th are energetic, but find it hard to keep things organised.

January 20th - The Day of the Freewheeler

Those born on January 20th follow their impulses wherever they lead! They are incredibly expressive, however they are also quite chaotic.

January 21st - The Day of the Frontrunner

Those born on January 21st are always reaching for the top. They are attractive people, however they are known to be indecisive.

January 22nd - The Day of the Vortex

Those born on January 22nd are natural people who are very impulsive.

January 23rd - The Day of Character

Those born on January 23rd are deeply personal, but can be quite self-involved.

January 24th - The Day of the Aloof Icon

Those born on January 24th are admired by many, but are quite self-centred.

January 25th - The Day of Destiny

Those born on January 25th are incredibly talented, but can be hard on themselves.

January 26th - The Day of Striking Deeds

Those born on January 26th are active, but often destructive.

January 27th - The Day of Precocity

Those born on January 27th are bright people with a childlike manner.

January 28th - The Day of Outstanding Achievements

Those born on January 28th are very brave and definitely overexcitable!

January 29th - The Day of the Compassionate Combatant

Those born on January 29th are reasonable people, but can be unsure of their actions.

January 30th - The Day of Take Charge

Those born on January 30th are perceptive and also calculating.

January 31st - The Day of Poetic Song

Those born on January 31st are very attractive, but often dependent on others.

By Pia Louisa

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