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Life Path Number Oracle Card Reading

Today we will be doing an Oracle Card reading designed specifically for your life path number. If you don't know your life path number, click here before you start your Oracle Card reading.

Life Path Number 1 - Healer

As a life path number 1, you are known for being goal-oriented and determined. This means that being a nurturer can sometimes be a bit difficult for you. However, the Healer card is showing that you have a gift for helping others and you wish to share this with the people you love. Carry on being there for those around you and know that you are going down the right path.

Life Path Number 2 - Crystals

People with life path number 2 are peace-lovers with a very emotional side. Being given the Crystals card shows that you have a natural ability to feel the energy of people and things around you. It also means that you can often absorb the emotions of everyone in the room, therefore draining yourself. Work with crystals that are designed for your zodiac sign or life path number for some spiritual healing.

Life Path Number 3 - Bodywork

People with life path number 3 are creative and communicative. The Bodywork card is showing that you like to work on your body to heal your mind. Exercise or physical touch is what helps you mellow after a stressful day. Carry on focussing on whatever it is that heals your mind, body and soul. Use your passions to heal any negative energies surrounding you.

Life Path Number 4 - Support

People with life path number 4 are practical and sensible. Being given the Support card is a wonderful sign that you are exactly where you're supposed to be! You are being supported by the people around you, as well as the universe. Carry on down the path that you are on and don't doubt yourself. Be proud of where you have come from and keep on moving forward.

Life Path Number 5 - Family

People with life path number 5 are adventurous and curious. The Family card is showing that being around your friends and family is very important to you. Sharing your love with the people around you is something you want to do every day! When making decisions about your life, remember what is most important to you and see if your decision matches with your values.

Life Path Number 6 - Study

People with life path number 6 are loving and affectionate. The Study card is showing that in order to make sense of the world, you like to do your research and be educated before you make any big decisions. You gain your confidence by being knowledgeable and must have a clear mind in order to do the things most important to you. Carry on learning and never stop!

Life Path Number 7 - Environmentalist

People with life path number 7 always want to be learning and investigating. The Environmentalist card is showing that you are very connected to nature and are a natural protector. You love to nurture anyone who needs it and teach them your wisdom. You have lots of knowledge and are great at sharing it with the people who need it most.

Life Path Number 8 - Builder

People with life path number 8 are natural leaders with a great business mind. The Builder card is showing that you have a wonderful ability to build and create your dreams from scratch. You have a deep sense of wanting to accomplish as many things as possible in life and should be proud of the way your mind works. There is no doubt you will achieve your goals!

Life Path Number 9 - Heart's Desires

People with life path number 9 are generous with a humanitarian heart. The Heart's Desires card is showing that your dreams are going to become a reality very soon. You are being supported by the universe and the people around you. You are being guided and protected, so your heart stays as pure as the day you started on your journey. Keep going, you're almost there!

By Pia Louisa

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