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Make 2021 Your Healthiest Year Yet!

Starts of the year are always a time when people begin to think about all the ways they can be healthier, especially after we spent the whole of Christmas eating turkey, mince pies and everything else that goes with them! There are many different aspects when it comes to getting fit (exercising, looking after our mental health) but today I wanted to solely focus on healthy eating and the steps we can all do this year to get happier and healthier.

Plant-Based Diet

This is a step that takes some time and can be changed to specifically fit your needs. If you don't want to be fully vegetarian or vegan, then just a few simple changes in your diet to make it plant-based will still go a long way. First, try out a few different meat substitutes, for example Quorn, as they can taste just as good, if not better than actual meat.

Plan a Few Meals For The Week

When we plan something and tell ourselves that we are going to do it, then it is less likely we will stray off course. Try out planning a few healthy meals for the week and see how much better you will stick to them. Head to the shops and pick out a few different meals that you will fancy that week (still trying to be as healthy as possible) and make it a fun night where you can try out a new recipe!


The words 'cleanse' and 'detox' are usually associated with starving ourselves and drinking only juice for a week. This is not the case. A cleanse is when someone tries to rid the body of toxins, but who says we have to do it by not eating solid food for what seems like ages! Just by eating our fruits and vegetables for the day, we will be cleansing our bodies of all of the nasty stuff we have been consuming over the Christmas period.


Cucumbers, tomatoes and carrots, the main fruits and vegetables that everyone eats and everyone gets tired of very quickly! However, there are so many different and delicious fruits and vegetables that can make healthy eating fun and yummy. Mushrooms, mango, courgettes! Try looking around in the fruit and vegetable isle in your local shop and experiment with some new ones that you may have never even tried before.

Listen To Your Body

It's all well and good to eat healthily, but at the end of the day, your body is going to tell you what it wants and needs. If eating some chocolate is going to help you de-stress after a long day, then don't deprive yourself of that joy! On the other hand, if you only want that chocolate because you are bored, maybe find something else to do or make it into a healthier snack that your body will thank you for in the long run.

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