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Most Fashionable Girls in TV

If you're like me, and addicted to watching Netflix, you probably look to your favourite characters for fashion inspiration. The great thing about TV is that somewhere out there, there will be a character you can relate to, and an outfit you might want to try. So whether you are a Betty or a Veronica, a Rachel or a Santana, there will be someone's style you like.

1. Cheryl Blossom

Cheryl's style is BOLD. She isn't afraid to show a bit of skin yet still remains classy. Her fierce nature comes across in her fashion with her fiery locks and signature red statement in all of her outfits.

To copy Cheryl's style, I would suggest, a black top and skirt combo, black boots and an iconic red leather jacket.

2. Blair Waldorf

The queen of the Upper East Side herself, Blair Waldorf's style is classically beautiful. Her outfits change with every season and she is never seen without a designer label. Also, let's not forget she put headbands on the map again!

To try out Blair's style, get a button up shirt, a pencil skirt with tights and some cute heels.

3. Rachel Green

How to sum up Rachel Green's fashion? Everything! She has defied generations with her timeless style and even had a haircut named after her. Whether you like girly outfits or sporty ones, she wears them all flawlessly.

To dress like Rachel, try out, a white cable knit top, a plaid mini skirt, black booties and a bag to tie the look together.

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