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Movies For Each Star Sign

We've done quotes, we've done songs, now it is time to see which movie your star sign should watch. With so many different personalities going on, there will be a range of films here, some comedy, some action and maybe even some romance! Here are the movies made for you.

Aries - 'Lucy'

Aries love action, but only when there is a deeper meaning behind it. 'Lucy' is a fascinating thriller that comes with deep and meaningful messages throughout. It is about a woman that gains abilities when a drug in her system starts to kick in, unlocking more power in her brain. This movie is perfect for Aries, as they will never be bored watching it!

Taurus - 'Chocolat'

I could make a joke about how much Taurus love chocolate, but there is actually another reason behind this! Taurus love a comfortable movie they can relax with, but they also love to be inspired. This is why 'Chocolat' is perfect for them. It is about a woman and her daughter that open up a chocolate shop in France, even though the villagers don't approve. Taurus also celebrate true love and this movie won't disappoint!

Gemini - 'Pirates Of The Caribbean'

Geminis need movies that will engage them. They want adventure, comedy and even a little romance! This franchise has in total five films, so there isn't much chance of a Gemini losing interest. Geminis think being bored is like being in hell, so making sure they always have more to watch is key. Adventure is something they find exciting and these movies are packed full of it.

Cancer - 'Love Actually'

Cancerians are true romantics. They often don't want to show this side of themselves to others, but in their heart they love romance. This is why they have been given 'Love Actually'. Cancerians love an emotional rollercoaster, so this is the perfect movie for them, as you connect to the characters straight away and wish them a happy ending. Hopefully no tears though!

Leo - 'Little Women'

Leos love a bit of drama and also want something to inspire them in their lives. 'Little Women' is a movie that Leos must watch. All about people going through changes in their lives and making decisions that will affect their future. Leos sometimes need a bit of guidance when it comes to making the important decisions, so watching others go through the same thing may help them.

Virgo - 'Harry Potter'

Although they don't always seem it, Virgos are very observant and love movies where they can spot details they never noticed before. The 'Harry Potter' franchise is perfect for them as there are so many films they can watch over and over again and always see something they missed before. Virgos love fantasy and secretly wish they could be in a world full of wizards!

Libra - 'Hitch'

Libras are all about love! 'Hitch' is about an unlucky in love guy that asks romance expert (Will Smith) to help him get the woman he loves. This is a great rom-com that is full of hilarious jokes and also tons of romance. Libras really believe in love and this movie will only heighten that. For a Libra, the first choice of film will always be a rom-com and this one is a must-watch.

Scorpio - '50 Shades Of Grey'

Scorpios love a bit of excitement and '50 Shades Of Grey' is full of it. They like to see how far they can push before they get caught and it is safe to say that '50 Shades' has that vibe too. Scorpios are intense and can often not be received well by everyone, but they embrace this side of themselves and love taking the good with the bad. '50 Shades Of Grey' is sure to keep them entertained!

Sagittarius - 'Easy A'

As a fire sign, Sagittarius love anything with a bit of an edge. They also like to see a bit of quirkiness on the screen and this is why 'Easy A' is a great movie for them to watch. The film is about rumours that go around a school and then a town, that make life much more difficult for everyone. It is a rom-com, but centres around lying and why it makes things more complicated.

Capricorn - 'Ted'

Capricorns are always wanting to better themselves and it can be exhausting. Sometimes what they need is to just sit and do absolutely nothing. The movie is about a bear that comes to life and doesn't do very child friendly things! Capricorns need to learn how to chill, so watching a movie about a stuffed bear do exactly that will hopefully show them that it can be easy to relax.

Aquarius - 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'

Aquarius are pure individuals and embrace that side of themselves fully. 'Rocky Horror' is all about letting your weird side come out and not be ashamed of it. Not only is it a great movie, but there are also so many incredible songs in it to sing along to! Let that eccentric side come out to play and enjoy watching one of the weirdest yet wonderful films ever.

Pisces - 'Kingsman: The Secret Service'

Pisces appreciate creative approaches to movies and 'Kingsman' is a spy film with a twist. Action movies aren't really what a Pisces looks for, but with great characters that you can't help but love, 'Kingsman' is a film they are sure to enjoy. It is about a man that gets recruited as a secret service agent and we get to see him transform from someone with no goals in his life, to someone that wants to save the world.

By Pia Talbot

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