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Muscovite is a wonderful crystal for stimulating awareness of your higher self. It is also said to encourage unconditional love to those that keep it close to them. It is a crystal that wants to connect you with your spiritual side and enhance your psychic abilities.

Planet: Uranus

Star Sign: Aquarius

Element: Air

Chakra: Heart

Used For: Confidence, stimulating thoughts, easing tension.

In Your Home

Muscovite is great to have in a new home as it releases any energies left there from previous occupants. When you first put the crystal in your hone, place it somewhere that you may like to meditate (this doesn't have to be actual meditation, it could just be somewhere you find the most relaxing) as it will begin to help unlock your spiritual abilities.

Where To Place It

Muscovite is wonderful at relieving insomnia, so another place to put it would be next to your bed. It is a crystal that can also connect you to nature, so you could place it in your garden, especially if you are wanting to connect to your element more. For example, if you are an air sign, sit in the garden with your Muscovite and feel the cool breeze on your face.

Holding The Crystal

Carry Muscovite on you if you are feeling insecure and it will bring you the confidence you need to succeed. When meditating with this crystal, lay down and place it over your third eye. This will help to connect you with your higher self and open up the third eye chakra. If you aren't quite ready to awaken any psychic abilities yet, try just holding Muscovite when you need a confidence boost, instead of meditating with it.

Healing Properties

Keep Muscovite around you to protect yourself from other people's negative energies and emotions. If you are going to see someone who you know drains you, keep the crystal close by. Muscovite promotes confidence, so placing it next to a mirror can be a good idea. Every time you go to look at yourself in that mirror, say to yourself that you look perfect just the way you are and no one can tell you otherwise.

By Pia Louisa

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