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Must-Watch Christmas Movies

By now I'm sure you have your favourite Christmas movies to watch this time of year. However, with more and more new Christmas movies coming out each year, the list just gets longer. There's nothing quite like a good Christmas movie to get you in the festive spirit.

Of course, over Christmas we love to watch movies full of joy and happiness, but what's so great about these films is that they can also include the morose times that even at Christmas you can't escape.

There may be some sad times at Christmas, but let's not forget the many hilarious movies out there you can't help but laugh at. The awkward family get-togethers, the presents that you didn't want. Christmas is full of moments to laugh about!

Obviously, one of the best types of movies to watch over Christmas, is the rom-com. Rom-coms are great films, but over Christmas they just go up another level. Who doesn't love a Christmas romance?

So, with all of these in mind, here are my picks for the best must-watch Christmas movies:

5. Home Alone

Watching this movie every year is a highlight of Christmas. Every child thinks they can cope without adults around, but just like poor Kevin, they end up knowing how important it is to have a family. This is a classic movie that all people no matter how old can enjoy.

Movie highlight: 'Merry Christmas ya filthy animal'

4. Nativity

I have to admit that this is quite a random one to have on the list, but it is honestly one of the best, funniest Christmas films out there. We all know the pain of getting children to do the Nativity, and Mr Maddens puts us to shame with his schools extraordinary performance of the special Christmas show.

Movie highlight: Bob!

3. The Holiday

I have never met anybody who doesn't love to watch this film at Christmas. Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz star in this amazing movie that not only shows what a wonderful Christmas is like, but also no matter how down life is at the moment, it can always get better.

Movie highlight: Iris getting Arthur ready for his big night

2. It's A Wonderful Life

This movie is what Christmas is all about. In the film, George has his guardian angel to show him what life would have been like without him, which makes him realise how important he is and ultimately saves his life. There are so many times in our lives where we think we are unimportant, and all we need is that person to tell us that we matter. This movie shows that spreading love and joy is what we should all be doing, especially around Christmas.

Movie highlight: 'Every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings'

1. Love Actually

The best Christmas movie ever! Unlike the rest of the world, I only saw this film a couple of years ago, and now I can't imagine a Christmas without it. Different peoples lives all intertwined with one another, all showing what Christmas is like for others. Whether you like the laughs at Christmas, the romance and even the sadness, this movie has it all.

Movie highlight: Mark's signs for Juliet.

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