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November Fashion Must Haves

Whether you love a jumper or live for dresses, autumn fashion uses it all. There's just something about this time of the year when we are able to experiment with styles we never thought we would. So, here are some of my picks for trends to try out.


I’ve always loved skirts in the autumn, especially with tights and boots. Corduroy isn’t a fabric many people think of wearing, but it is perfect for November weather and can really tie an outfit together.

Deep V-Neck Jumpers

Who doesn’t love a jumper? I must admit, putting on a jumper after summer can be a little bit sad. However, if you’re missing that plunging summer fashion like me, you are going to love wearing deep v-cut jumpers. Dress them up with jeans or just wear them at home with leggings. They are the perfect match between style and comfort.

Wrap Dresses

Casual dresses can be difficult to pull off. Trust me, there have been many times I have gone out in a dress I thought was casual but ended up looking like I’m off to a red carpet! Luckily, wrap dresses are the perfect solution to this. These dresses will turn heads without feeling like you’re too over the top. Very flattering, wrap dresses are a great autumn trend.

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