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Oracle Card Reading

Today's oracle card reading will feature The Scared Self-Care Oracle deck, showing each zodiac sign what self-care activity is right for them this week. Some are a bit out there, so keep an open mind and enjoy!

Aries - Watch a Movie

Have you been craving a good movie Aries? Christmas is coming soon, so maybe you have a Christmas film in mind? This card is a clear sign that winding down with a movie you love is a great way for you to relax this week. When people receive this card, it is often a sign to connect with a film that you loved as a child and explore that part of yourself again.

Taurus - Burning Bowl Ritual

This doesn't necessarily mean throwing paper into the fire and watching it burn (although it can if you're doing it safely). It does however mean you must let go of beliefs, patterns, and people that are no longer serving you Taurus. Self-care for you is starting over and beginning a new journey full of fresh thoughts. Get rid of what you don't need and watch it all burn away.

Gemini - Family

Home is where the heart is and spending time with your family is exactly what you need.

Geminis are family oriented people, and need to spend quality time with their loved ones in order to unwind and recharge. Let this be your sign to enjoy being around your family this week. Some of the best moments in life come when you are chilling with your loved ones, so make the most of it.

Cancer - Connect with Your Ancestors

This card is all about finding out more about your family and looking to the past in order to create the best future possible. If you have been missing any loved ones recently, look at pictures of them and remember the times you had together. Break any patterns that were once associated with your family and build on the strength that comes from within.

Leo - Make a Vision Board

Creating a vision board is such a fun way to relax and reflect on your life. What are the main things you want to manifest for your future? Use this question to guide you on your vision board journey! You can stick pictures to your wall, create a collage, or make it on your computer. There are no right or wrong decisions, all you need is your creativity and wondrous mind.

Virgo - Sex

This card is all about growing comfortable with your own body and exploring it in a new way. Although it's not commonly known, Virgos are very sensual people (as they are earth signs), which means that expressing themselves through their bodies is important to them. Connect with your partner and share your desires and emotions through sensual pleasure.

Libra - Music

There's a song within you Libra, so whether you want to learn an instrument, go to karaoke, or write down some lyrics, make sure to explore your musical side this week. Don't hold back, and remember to share your unique voice and message. Libras are naturally musical, so let loose! Express yourself through your musical talents and don't be afraid to sing like no one is watching.

Scorpio - Sweet Treat

It may be difficult sticking to the diet this week Scorpio, as your self-care activity is delicious sweet treats! Whether it be baking or eating, allow yourself to indulge and enjoy something yummy. You don't always have to be so strict with yourself when it comes to food, and having a treat every now and then is actually really good for you. Just go for it.

Sagittarius - Sound Healing

Sound Healing isn't as out there as it seems. It is all about listening to sounds that bring you joy and help you relax. Whether it be music, talking, or the sounds of nature, listening to calming noises helps keep the mind and body at peace. Next time you're feeling stressed, block out the world and listen to something that will relax you. You will see the difference instantly.

Capricorn - Read

Reading is a great way for a Capricorn to unwind! Whether you like fiction or non-fiction, settling in with a good book is exactly what you need. If you want to escape into another world, pick up a great story that you can get lost in, or if you want to learn something new, read about an interesting subject that will enrich your life. There are so many options to choose from.

Aquarius - Meditate

If you have been thinking about ways to incorporate meditation into your daily life, this is your sign to do just that. If you start with just five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the evening, you're meditation journey will begin and you will see the benefits instantly! Take some breaths and be present in the moment. Connect with your body and surroundings.

Pisces - Look to the Stars

Pisceans are deeply connected to the night, which means this is the time they are most likely to be able to relax. Looking to the stars is all about bathing in the night's sky and connecting to your zodiac sign. Research all about Pisceans and spend some time outdoors when the stars are shining bright. You are a magical sign full of hope and wonder.

By Pia Louisa

The Sacred Self-Care Oracle deck, by Jill Pyle, illustrations by Tatiana Vedenkina

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