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Oracle Card Reading

As we are almost at the end of the year, I think it's time for a little pick-me-up! Today's oracle card reading will be using the Keepers Of The Light Oracle Deck, giving each zodiac sign an angel to help them on their path. Let's see what these fabulous cards have to say.

Aries - Mahavatar Babaji

You may be feeling like you have retreated from the world recently Aries, and have not been as active socially. However, this time of rest has paid off. You have now become more aware of what you want your life to be like, and what you feel connected to. Your work and hobbies are very important to your overall wellbeing, and you are devoted to showing the world who you truly are.

Taurus - Djwal Khul

If you have been feeling lost lately, this is your sign that you are on the right path. It can be easy to focus so much on the future that you forget to be present in the moment. Remember to take one step at a time and think about what you are doing right now. Mindfulness is one of the most valuable tools when it comes to happiness, so trust that you are perfect as you are right now.

Gemini - Paul The Venetian

Miracles are happening all round you Gemini! Right now you are at a period in your life where things are happening that you never thought could be true. If you have been going through a rough patch lately, know that this is all going to change very soon and you will be back on track before you know it. The universe works in mysterious ways, so have faith in the timing of life.

Cancer - Freya

Your life seems to be changing each day Cancerian! We all go through different phases at one time or another, but it seems like you are exploring every option that is crossing your path. This is wonderful, as you're finding your way in this world through action. You're not the type to sit and contemplate, you'd much rather get out there with a plan to lead you to success.

Leo - Sanat Kumara

Helping others is extremely important to you Leo, and right now it is at the top of your to-do list. You know that you can't find your way in the world on your own, and you must make connections in order to succeed. Make sure to be kind to whoever is helping you, and return the favour when needed. Kindness is an underrated trait, and will get you further in life than you think.

Virgo - Diana

Focus, Virgo. Even though you may be tired, taking a break is not the best thing to do right now. You will get plenty of time to rest over the next few weeks, but for now, keep going and stay on track. Make a clear plan of what you want to achieve in the next few days and stick to it. You'll thank yourself for it in the future, so for now, stay determined and focused.

Libra - Faith

Compassion is going to be your biggest strength right now, Libra. There are people around you who are going through a difficult time, and may need your help and guidance. Libras are known to have lots of kindness within them, and now is the time to express this. One of the best gifts you could give someone this year is generosity and benevolence.

Scorpio - Isis

Magic is all around you Scorpio! This 'magic' isn't some miracle brought to you by the universe. You have worked hard and are now seeing the rewards making their way to you. Over the last few months, you have manifested what you want your 2023 to look like, and now you are ready to go one step further. Be proud of everything you have achieved, and keep going.

Sagittarius - The Divine Director

This is your intervention Sagittarius. Over the past few months you have been stuck wallowing about any sadness in your life. This needs to stop now. It's good that you were able to get these emotions out, but now, moving on is the best option. You have a purpose in this life, which has been put on hold recently. With the new year approaching, get back on track and embrace your purpose.

Capricorn - The Myriam

You have a real opportunity to move beyond sadness at this time. There is a light surrounding you that is going to bring you back in connection with your soul. You must remember that you are loved. Remember to see the positive in everything and everyone, and choose to love wholeheartedly. Honour yourself by staying optimistic and ready for the future to come.

Aquarius - Saint Germain

Be kind to others, and you will receive this kindness back. This is something to always remember. Spend time with your family, but be careful not to spend time with people who drain you. You are prone to carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, and now is the time to let it all go. Old patterns are being removed from your life, making way for better things to come.

Pisces - Charity

This is a time of contemplation Pisces. While some zodiac signs are being told to take action, you need to sit back and think about your life for now. What do you want your life to look like this time next year? You have everything within you to succeed, and there are people who love you enough to help you when you need it. Use this time wisely to meditate on what you want.

By Pia Louisa

Keepers Of The Light Oracle Cards, by Kyle Gray, artwork by Lily Moses

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