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Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are a great way to delve deeper into your tarot reading and get more insight into how you are feeling. Today we will be looking at the Prism Oracle deck and seeing how using them in a reading can be beneficial.


Receiving Passion in a reading is a sign that you have a fire within you that is ready to be unleashed. You must celebrate your passions in whatever way you like. Love what you do and take pride in the fact that there is something in this world that makes you feel alive. Embrace the excitement that comes along with you doing what you are passionate about.


When Energy appears in your reading, you must take a look at the energy you have been using and the energy you would like to have. If you're feeling low, tap into the energy you feel when you are doing something you love. Get excited about an upcoming project, or even to do something you may consider mundane. Now is the time to go for whatever it is you want to pursue.


Happiness feels like the world is shining around you! However, we as humans often focus on the bad and rarely remember to focus on all the things that make us happy. This is the reason why Happiness shows itself to you during a reading. Take some time to really appreciate your happiness. Feel the warmth of being happy and take it with you wherever you go.


Receiving Strength in a reading isn't just a sign to focus on physical strength. It is about finding the strength to move forward during a difficult time. Strength is best used during the times when you feel weakest. It is a sign that you hold the strength to overcome whatever you are going through right now. Use your inner strength to guide and help you.


When Stop appears in your reading, it is asking you to take a break. Now is the time to think about what stopping means to you and how you choose to relax. Are you going to choose to stop forever? Or are you just stopping for a while? Is it time to change your direction? These are the questions to ask yourself when Stop is shown during your reading.


Rejection can take many forms, whether it be being rejected by a person, job, or something else. 'Rejection is protection' is a thought that comes to mind when looking at this card, and this is the exact message to take away from getting this card during a reading. Something better is waiting for you out there! Trust that what is meant for you is on its way.


Receiving Frustration in a reading is a sign that something you have been working on hasn't ended the way you thought and you are now feeling very frustrated. Take a step back and have a break from whatever is going on in your life. What are some different ways you can approach this situation? Are there any ideas you haven't tried yet? Would finding a new perspective help in any way?


When Pain appears in your reading, it is a sign to remember that pain can come in many forms. It can be physically painful, or a psychological manifestation. However, after pain comes healing. How can you be gentle with yourself at the moment? Allow yourself to grieve whatever it is that has caused you pain and be kind to yourself in the meantime. The feeling isn't forever.


Anger is a natural part of life and this card shows itself to you as a reminder that it's ok to feel angry. There is nothing wrong with feeling this emotion. What can you do with the energy that comes with feeling angry? How can you transform your anger into something helpful? Ask yourself these questions and try to use your anger in a positive way.

By Pia Louisa

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