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Oracle Cards Part 2

Today we will be carrying on with the Prism Oracle deck and exploring how they can be beneficial when delving deeper into your tarot reading.


Receiving this card is a sign that abundance can come in many forms, such as family, friendships, career and love. Recognise and celebrate the abundance that is in your life and let the gratitude fill your soul. Whatever area you feel abundant in, don't take it for granted. Take a moment to really think about the joy this gives you and how lucky you are to feel this way.


When Success appears in your reading, it signals that it is time to embrace the feeling of accomplishment after working hard and reaching towards your goals. Appreciate all that you have achieved and be proud of how much you have grown along the way. You have earned this success and are ready to move onto your next chapter. Just by remembering how success feels, you can push yourself to work even harder.


Growth is a card that is directly linked to nature, as it is all about our natural ability to slowly grow and change over time. It is important to remember that we are all constantly changing throughout our lives. When you grow, you are moving towards your truth and are becoming the person you were always meant to be. Sometimes growing can be difficult, as it often means getting rid of what is no longer serving you.


Receiving Balance is a sign to look at areas in your life that need a little bit more balancing. It could be possible that other people are asking too much from you and you are ignoring your own needs. Ask yourself, how can you achieve more balance in your life and what could you do to get it? When our lives feel balanced, we become more in sync with what we are doing in the present.


When Caution appears in your reading, it is a signal not to rush things. Slow down and truly listen to yourself. If something doesn't feel right to you, use your intuition and ask questions until you feel happy again. Don't ignore your inner voice and act with care when faced with a tough situation. If things are moving too fast, slow yourself down and take one step at a time.


Hunger isn't about being hungry for food, it is about being hungry for something more in your life that will nourish your soul. It is a sign that you want something that will fulfil you intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. What are you hungry for? It may seem like something small, but if it makes you feel happy and fills a void in your life, then it is worth going for.


Receiving Illumination is like when you turn a light on in a dark room! When you are in a dark room, it can often feel scary as you don't know what could be out there. However, once you see what is around you, you can approach your situation with ease and clarity as you have a deeper knowledge of what you can see and feel. Once you accept your inner truth, everything becomes easier.


When Determination appears in your reading, it wants you to tap into the energy you need to achieve your goals. Whatever it is you have been dreaming of is within your reach! Take a moment to tap into your determined energy. If you are feeling stuck, don't be afraid to ask for some help and if there are any obstacles on your path, look at them with a new perspective.


Anxiety is something that you feel when you are uncertain or worried about the future. When we feel this way, we often play out a situation in our heads before it happens and it is usually much worse than what it actually will be. Try your best to stay in the present and not focus on events that haven't even happened yet. The future is out of our control, so just live for today.

By Pia Louisa

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