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Oracle Cards Part 5

Today is the final look at the Prism Oracle deck and we will be finishing off the white cards, while also looking through the black section. The white cards have a common theme of stillness and the black cards are invitations to step into a new chapter of your life.


Receiving Confidence is a sign to remember that confidence is not something we are automatically born with. It is something that we are continuously trying to improve throughout our lives. This card signifies that it is time to start working on and enhancing your self-confidence. How can you become more confident in your life in a way that you're comfortable with?


When Isolation appears in your reading, it is saying that although it can be lonely to be isolated, it can also be incredibly healing. When you're by yourself, it gives you a chance to learn more about who you are and explore the parts of yourself you feel like you can't show when you're around others. Give yourself the chance to enjoy being alone. Heal and rediscover yourself.


Peace is all the colours coming together to show a rainbow! It is when everyone is working harmoniously together. When you get this card, try to invite a sense of peace into your life. If you have been struggling recently, it is a sign of the peace to come. You may find peace when you are meditating, or when you are just taking a few moments to have some time to yourself.


Receiving Protection is a sign to embrace the feeling of being personally safe and protected as you go through life. It wants you to get the balance between pushing through your anxieties, while also feeling safe and secure. This card wants you to figure out how you can feel protected during scary moments. Does reaching out to people help you, or do you prefer to feel grounded in the present?


When Space appears in your reading, you may be feeling alone, or slightly lost. It is important to remember that you can fill any void in your life. What are you looking to fill your life with? Is it with new people? New projects? How can you take actions towards your goals? Space is only temporary and can be filled when you are ready. Fill your life with things that make you happy.


Ghost is suggesting that maybe a 'ghost' from your past has returned. Your ghost may be unresolved emotions, or a person from your past. Focus on what is coming up emotionally for you during this time. Why is this 'ghost' coming to you now? What can you learn from it? Focussing on the past usually does more harm than good, but occasionally it can teach you lessons for the future.


Receiving Death is not a sign of physical death, but instead a sign that a chapter of your life is ending. Something in your life needs to die out in order to make way for better things to come. This can be difficult and it's natural to mourn the situation if you need to. A whole new phase of your life is ready to begin. The things that don't fit in with your life will naturally die out.


When Surrender appears, it wants you to stop resisting and create peace for yourself. This can be uncomfortable at first, as it can hurt the ego to just let things be, but letting go of the parts of yourself you have worked so hard to fight can be liberating. What can you do now that you're free? Are there new directions you can go down? Surrender to life and let whatever happens, happen.


Fear is all about finding the courage to face your fears, while also respecting them at the same time. Moments where you face your fears are often some of the most important and act as catalysts for change. What is holding you back? Are you afraid? Asking yourself these questions will help you tap into your power and move past your fears with a greater sense of enlightenment.

By Pia Louisa

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