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Pancake Day Ideas

If you're like me, then pancakes were usually only made on one day of the year, making this particular day very special. This was the only day when getting up in the morning, when you have to go to school, was actually fun! However, who says eating pancakes is only just for kids?

There are plenty of fun ways to celebrate pancake day, whether with you're kids or by yourself!

Standing over a pan waiting to flip a pancake can be slightly irritating, especially early in the morning. Luckily, pancake muffins are a simple and easy way to stop this from happening. All you do is create your pancake mix, pour it into a muffin tray and wait for them to cook. Decorate with whatever toppings you like, and everyone will be sure to enjoy.

Obviously, these aren't a new invention, but for all you chocolate lovers out there, these will definitely be a pancake day treat. With a normal pancake batter, just add in some cocoa powder and you'll be good to go. If getting up even earlier in the morning to make pancakes isn't what you were thinking, then making these for dessert will be a lovely end to the day.

So, these ones will definitely be more work, but stay with me! To make these you'll need a normal pancake mix and about four different food colourings. Since these are more work, I would make little mini pancake stacks instead of normal sized pancakes. Divide your batter into different bowls and colour each of them with your rainbow colourings. Stack your mini pancakes on top of one another and enjoy a delicious rainbow delight.

Just because it's pancake day, doesn't mean you have to suddenly become unhealthy. Instead of using normal flour, use wholemeal flour, and instead of butter, use olive oil. You can also use any topping you like, including fruit or yoghurt. Just as yummy as any other pancake, these will still be a winner in your healthy household for anyone eating to enjoy.

The great thing about pancakes, is that most of the ingredients are vegan. Take away the eggs (you don't need them anyway) and use a milk alternative, such as almond milk, instead of the regular kind. Also, instead of greasing the pan with butter, using vegetable oil is just as good. So, vegan or not, pancake day can still be a tasty day for all to love.

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