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Psychological Facts

Being cooped up at home isn't fun. However, since we are stuck inside, there is no greater time to do a bit of research and find out some interesting facts about life (which is exactly what I did). In a world full of mystery, it's fun to find out the reasons behind why we act a certain way. Here are some interesting psychological facts for you to think about:

1. You Have A Favourite Song Because You Relate An Emotional Event With It

We all have a favourite song ever (mine being 'Somebody That I Used To Know'), or at least a favourite song of the moment, but if you're like me, then you probably never really think too deeply about why that's your favourite song. However, it's said that our preferred music is mainly because of the emotional impact connected to it. So next time you listen to your favourite song, think about what emotional event associate with it.

2. Dogs Can Sense Sadness In Their Owners

It turns out your beloved pet can see when you're sad, and also wants to help. Research has shown that when you cry, your dog also feels upset and tries to help by giving cuddles and attention. We all knew that dogs were super cute, but now they have gone up a level. Thank God our furry friends are here to comfort us in the difficult times we go through.

3. Singing The End Of A Song Can Get It Out Of Your Head

How annoying is it when you're trying to do something important, but you can't get a certain song out of your head? It is said that by singing the end of the song stuck in your head, it brings a type of conclusion that makes it easier to stop yourself thinking of it. So next time you get a case of Stuck Song Syndrome, bring out your inner Beyonce and sing that song till it's done!

4. When Someone Else Makes Our Food, It Tastes Better

There is a good reason why that takeaway you ordered a couple days ago tastes way better than what you were going to cook. When you make your own meal, you are around what you are going to eat for such a while that by the time it's ready to be eaten, it's less exciting. It is also said that when you eat other people's food, you smell something new and therefore enhances your appetite.

5. The Music You Listen To Affects How You See The World

Studies show that people who listen to happier music were in a more joyful state of mind and also tend to be able to spot happiness in others, while those who preferred to listen to sadder songs were often able to spot the sadness in other people faster. There are so many factors that contribute to mood and we don't even realise it. Sometimes it can just be listening to a particular sad song that really get to us.

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