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Psychological Signs You're Falling In Love

Psychology doesn't always have to be about the bad emotions we feel, it can also show how we act when we feel the good ones too, like love!

You're Becoming More Adventurous

Are you finding yourself becoming more open to trying new things? That's love! When you are starting to fall for someone, you begin to act more daring and open-minded. The view that you have of yourself becomes wider and you suddenly start to become the person you want to be. This is the best time to be creative in your life, as you will naturally be thinking outside of the box.

You Want To Share Your World

There are three main aspects to falling in love: intimacy, passion, and commitment. Wanting to share your world with the person you are with falls under the intimacy category, as you feel the desire to be closely connected to them. It takes a while to get to all three stages of falling in love, so don't give up if someone is doing it in a different order.

You Want To Start New Traditions

It's likely that you have your own traditions with your friends and family, whether that be opening one present on Christmas Eve, or throwing an epic Halloween party every year! However, when you start to think about creating traditions with your new partner, it shows that you are exploring what your future would be like with them. This is a big sign you are falling in love.

You Feel A Rush When You Think Of Them

To get all scientific, there is a close link between love and the limbic system (the part of the brain involved in our behavioural and emotional responses). This means that you can feel a genuine high when falling in love. It all comes down to dopamine (a hormone that is released when you are expecting a reward). Scans show how the part of the brain that creates dopamine lights up when people are thinking about their partner.

You Can't Stop Looking At Them

People like looking at things that are pleasing to them. The sight of your romantic interest makes you happy, therefore, you are more likely to want to look at them. Even though it may seem kind of creepy if you're just staring at them without breaking eye contact (please don't do that), deep down it shows the beginning stages of falling in love with someone.

You're Curious About Them

Forget about your latest true crime obsession, your new romantic interest is now the subject of your deep dives! When you start to fall in love, you begin to analyse your partner's every move and word. You want to find out as much as you can about them, down to their astrological chart. Being fascinated by your beloved is totally normal and healthy.

They're Always In Your Thoughts

When you're in the early stages of love, everything that you do reminds you of your loved one. Whether it's a TV show, or random piece of art at someone's house, your mind wanders to your beloved. This can be a lovely feeling, but also kind of annoying when you want to focus on something else! Take this as a sign you are about to enter the next stage of love in a relationship.

By Pia Louisa

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