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Quarantine Characters

I feel like at the moment, we are all starting to figure different things out about ourselves. How we are acting in this situation shows other sides that we may not know we had. By talking to friends and family, you see the different ways people are coping, and which character groups they fall in. See which character you are in these quarantined times:

While I haven't spoken to many Ross', there are still a few out there. The quarantined Ross is someone who uses this time to learn as much as they can. Don't get me wrong, they are still sad to be stuck indoors, but they know that it's for the best, and will continue to learn as much as possible. So, to all you Ross' keep up the good work and remember that it will all be fine.

AKA, the tough one. Rosa's are the types of people who, no matter how scared they are, will never show it. While it can be nice to talk to them to keep a sense of normalcy, when it comes to talking about emotions, they may not be the best people to go to. However, with Rosa's know that they are just as scared about everything as you, even if they don't show it in the same way.

One of the most common people to talk to, are the Gloria's. These are the people spending quarantine working on themselves and creating me-time. Maybe in the form of eating healthy and working out, or possibly doing face masks, the Gloria's out there know that there is no better time to relax and have a few pampering sessions, even if at the moment they can't see their own modern family!

Let's go back to 'Friends' for a minute to talk about the Phoebe's of the world. Even with awful things going on around them, Phoebe's know how to carry on and keep creating beautiful things. You will know you have a Phoebe in your life if there is someone sending artwork, musical pieces or even poetry to you. Being able to create in dark times is tough, so keep at it all you Phoebe's.

This one is a bit odd, but bear with me. An Alison will most likely be the leader of a friendship group or a boss at work, and having to spend time away from people is tough on them. Alison's will show how miserable they are about being stuck inside by possibly lashing out, but deep down it's just their own way of saying how much they miss their old life.

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