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Quotes Each Star Sign Should Follow

A combination of two things I love, star signs and quotes! Each zodiac sign is different, so I wanted to show just how unique they are by describing them with relatable quotes.

Aries - 'For Aries, it's either 0% or 100%'

When an Aries is into something, it is their whole world. However, if they don't care about something, don't even bother asking them about it. They are a complex sign, but when it comes to getting stuff done, they are all or nothing. Aries are honest, so if you expect them to do a certain task they aren't interested in, you will know how they really feel about it!

Taurus - 'Taurus will say it to your face not behind your back'

Being friends with a Taurus is a rollercoaster! Sometimes they're sweet and sometimes they're salty, but you can always count on them to tell you the truth. Taurus are loyal and love life, therefore, they want to make the best out of what life gives to them and also do the same for their loved ones. To them, being kind means saying what they are truly thinking to your face.

Gemini - 'Gemini can either be your biggest blessing or your worst nightmare'

One thing you can always count on with a Gemini, is that they will always be interesting. Geminis love to learn and if you are on their good side, they will impart all of their wisdom onto you. However, if they don't like you, then you are in for a rough ride! Being depicted with the twins, Geminis have two sides to their personality and it is up to them which one they decide to show to you.

Cancer - 'Cancerians shower their friends with parental care'

Cancerians love to make other people happy. It is one of their biggest joys in life. They are very emotional and love caring for the people they hold closest to their heart. They are extremely loyal and draw from their loving nature to help others. Cancerians are not fake and will show you if they love you. They don't have the most stable of emotions, but even in their dark hours, they still want to be there for their friends and family.

Leo - 'Leos are sometimes offended by their own attitude'

Leos know what they want and aren't afraid to get it. You either really love being around Leos, or you absolutely hate it! They can sometimes surprise themselves with how much attitude they have and their desire for success only highlights this trait. Leos are leaders, but can often surround themselves with the wrong people. This is why having this attitude can be a good thing, as they will only attract the people that can handle it.

Virgo - 'Virgos have high expectations of themselves and expect the same thing of everyone around them'

Virgos are often misunderstood and only spend time with people they truly like. Virgos portray themselves differently on the outside than to how they are on the inside and won't settle for anything but the best. They want perfection and also want the people around them to be the same. Sometimes they need to learn how to relax, but that perfectionism is what's going to get them far in life.

Libra - 'Libra is the best friend, they always listen and never judge'

Being friends with a Libra is one of the best decisions you can make. Being in the presence of a Libra just makes you a better person and sharing your thoughts and feelings with one will only make your day better. Libras are amazing at keeping a structure and maintaining peace. They will never judge you and actually want to listen to what you have to say. Get out there and make a Libra friend!

Scorpio - 'Scorpios secretly love to influence a person in power to do the things they want to do'

Do not get on the bad side of a Scorpio. They are known for being the scariest of the zodiac and they are proud of it! They are mysterious and can hold a grudge, but are also loyal friends and passionate people. Scorpios love power, but often find themselves not being able to get there by themselves. Therefore, they can use their charms to find others who can help them. They are incredibly emotional, but find it hard to show people how they really feel.

Sagittarius - 'A Sagittarius friend will take you to the best pizza in town and the wildest adventure in the world'

Who doesn't love a Sagittarius? If you want fun, they are the people to go to! You will never be bored around them and being a fire sign, they will always crave adventure and a lively life. Sagittarius are honest and you can trust that they will tell you the truth. They are smart and know how to get the best out of an opportunity.

Capricorn - 'Capricorn's heart is like buried treasure that can only be found with patience'

Capricorns are guarded and only let people they truly want to be with see their true selves. Capricorns are grounded and like to be around others that share this trait. They are curious and enjoy learning, but only about subjects they are passionate about. When a Capricorn loves, they love with all of their heart, it just might take them some time to open up and share their feelings.

Aquarius - 'Don't try to label Aquarius as someone else's, they belong to themselves 100%'

Aquarius love to stand out and don't like being put into a box. They are their own people and you will never find one going along with what's popular just for the sake of it. Aquarius are interesting as they are independent and ambitious and you can never quite figure out what is going on in their head. Aquarius are unique and hate to follow the rules.

Pisces - 'P.I.S.C.E.S - Pleasant, Insecure, Sensitive, Caring, Empathetic, Sophisticated'

Pisces' love to explore. They are super adventurous and love to offer their help to the people they love. Although they can often be insecure, they are classy and always fun to be around. Being a water sign, they are full of emotions and can often care too much. If you have a problem they will be there to listen and will always give advice they believe will help.

By Pia Talbot

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