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Quotes For Each Star Sign

Quotes are a great way to inspire and motivate. Here are some designed for your specific zodiac sign.

Aries - 'Tell an Aries they can't, and they will prove you wrong'

Aries don't do well with people telling them that they can't do something! This only motivates them to prove everyone wrong and show the world all that they can do. For an Aries, it is all or nothing, so when they go for something, they really go for it. They have high energy when it comes to doing what they enjoy and will stop at nothing until they have reached their goals.

Taurus - 'Taurus will take the long way home just to listen to more songs'

Taurus really value self-care and if that means going out of their way to do it, they will. They must learn to accept themselves for who they truly are and taking good care of themselves is the key to do it. Taurus remember everything, so they often need to take a break from the everyday and clear their minds, preferably through music. Taurus do more than anyone even notices.

Gemini - 'If a Gemini doesn't like you, you'll know'

Geminis don't do being fake. They are who they are and don't care who knows about it. They also aren't afraid to voice their opinions, so if they don't agree with something you're saying, you'll know! Geminis get bored very easily, so won't stay in friendships if they aren't getting anything out of them. On the other hand, if they like you, you'll have a wonderful friend for life.

Cancer - 'Cancers are lie-detectors and can smell insincerity from a mile away'

Cancerians value honesty and if someone isn't giving it to them, they know! They want to be friends with someone who they can tell everything to and want the same honesty in return. Cancerians are family people who value a small group of close friends rather than a big group of people they don't know very well. They prefer to figure things out on their own, meaning if they ask you for help, they truly value your opinion.

Leo - 'Don't fall in love with Leos unless you are going to give them 100% honesty'

Leos need honesty to survive and being in a relationship with them can be quite intense. Leos often find themselves staying loyal to the wrong people because they can't understand why someone wouldn't portray themselves honestly to the world. They like being with people who are as loud and exciting as they are, but must watch out that their bad attitude doesn't make too many appearances!

Virgo - 'Virgos believe in everything'

Virgos are interesting because they often show the world a different side to who they are. At first glance, Virgos are practical and stubborn (which they definitely are), but they are also free-spirits that want to believe in the magic of the universe. When life gets chaotic, Virgos are always there to tidy up! They are down-to-earth and are a mystical sign.

Libra - '3 words that terrify Libra: Decision, commitment, deadline'

Libras are more indecisive than any other zodiac sign! They can't make decisions and hate to be tied down. They either care too much or not at all, so find it difficult to have a balance (which is something they can't live without). Libras can find it hard to speak up for themselves because they don't want to hurt anyone else. Libras keep their cool even when they feel like exploding.

Scorpio - 'Scorpios feel emotions more deeply than any of the zodiac signs'

Scorpios are the most intense of the zodiac and even though they have a tough surface, they are extremely emotional. Revenge is something they strongly believe in, as they can't let someone do something bad unpunished. Scorpios feel their emotions so strong that they sometimes don't know how to express them properly. They have high highs and very low lows.

Sagittarius - 'Sagittarius sleep when they're dead'

Sagittarius are the life and soul of any party! They hate resting and constantly want to be doing everything they can think of. Sagittarius can only be with people who can keep up with their fast-paced life and enjoy exploring every inch of the world. They don't want to do things unless they know they will enjoy them, so don't bother trying to get them do something that doesn't bring them excitement.

Capricorn - 'Capricorns are mad loyal and always look for the best in people'

Capricorns are extremely loyal to the people they love and when meeting new people always try and find their best traits. They believe it's never too late to learn how to respect people and find that being classy is often their most valued personality trait. Capricorns will always be there for their friends, especially when they know they are going through a tough time.

Aquarius - 'Aquarius are the ambassadors of open-mindedness'

Aquarius are open to any idea out there and believe there is no such thing as a stupid question. They don't like when conflict appears, but have no problem standing up for themselves, especially when others think that they are slightly crazy. Aquarius aren't the most social, but are good with people as they understand that everyone has their own personality.

Pisces - 'Pisces are fish out of water, searching for a way back home'

Pisces often find themselves feeling different to the people around them and deep down long to fit in with people who understand them. They don't care for facts and much prefer to listen to someone's opinion on a subject. Pisces prefer listening to love songs more than anything, as they are romantics at heart. They won't stop until they find their home.

By Pia Louisa

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