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Quotes To Live By

Every now and then, we all need a bit of cheering up, motivation and guidance. One way to do so, is to read quotes that inspire you. I have so many quotes that I live by and here are some I would like to share with you.

'Whoever Is Happy Will Make Others Happy Too' - Anne Frank

Something I truly believe is that we should look after ourselves first and then others, as we are no good to anyone else if we ourselves need help. This quote constantly reminds me of that. When you are happy, whatever happy means to you, others around you will feed off that happiness. There really isn't anything quite like giving joy to others through just being yourself.

'Nothing Great In The World Was Accomplished Without Passion' - Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Passion. A word that is greatly underestimated. Whether it be in relationships, work, or hobbies, passion is needed in order to make you feel something more than just content. Passion isn't one of those things that you need to work on. It will just happen, and when it does, you'll know it. Everything wonderful you will do in your life will be achieved when you mix in a little bit of passion!

'Life is trying things to see if they work' - Ray Bradbury

One word that is so stupid is 'quitter'. What is a quitter? Someone who tries something, decides it's not for them and leaves. Now tell me this, why is that so bad? Life really is about trying a bunch of different things, and by the end finding something that you love enough to stick at. If you live your life doing things that you don't care about, then that will cause a lot of wasted time.

'Be A Fruit Loop In A World Full Of Cheerios'

I'm not quite sure who wrote this, but it is one of the best quotes ever! Be unique. Be colourful. Be a Fruit Loop! It can seem difficult to fit in when there are so many Cheerios out there, but being your one-of-a-kind self is what's going to get you far. Honestly, it doesn't matter if you are a Fruit Loop or a Cheerio, just be confident in yourself enough to be different. To be you.

'Optimism Is The One Quality More Associated With Success And Happiness Than Any Other' - Brian Tracy

There aren't many things in this world that are braver than being optimistic. Life can get you down, it happens to everyone, but giving up isn't going to help anyone. Remain positive, no matter how hard it can sometimes be. Only you can decide how you want to think, so decide to be optimistic for the future. Just because something isn't happening right now, doesn't mean it never will. You don't know what the future may hold.

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