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This week's crystal is the gorgeous Rhodonite! Rhodonite is a peaceful crystal that brings forth love. It attracts the right kind of love into your life and is also great to keep around you to inspire musical creativity. It is a crystal to have at your workplace to keep your attention to detail. Holding it will also bring you peace of mind. Let's find out more about Rhodonite.

Planet: Venus

Star Sign: Taurus

Element: Earth

Chakra: Heart

Used For: Feeling loved, spiritual love, letting go of anxiety

Why You Should Use It

Rhodonite is a crystal that is fabulous for self-esteem and confidence and is very powerful when you feel your life getting hectic. It carries a love energy in it and has generous vibrations. Rhodonite really connects to the heart chakra and is so beneficial in love. It helps to bring peace to troubled relationships and is excellent at balancing emotions.

How To Use It

There are many ways to bring Rhodonite into your life and feel its kind yet powerful vibrations. You can choose whether to place it somewhere in your home, or carry it around with you. It is the crystal where hope is born. Rhodonite oozes balance and encourages us to act in a loving way. If you want this crystal to strengthen the relationship between you and your partner, put it in the bedroom or any place where deep conversations happen.

For Love and Relationships

Rhodonite shines when it comes to attracting unconditional love! It has the talent of first helping with self-love (as that is where all love begins), getting those who have it to believe in themselves and their talents. Rhodonite helps people understand each other from a place of honesty and acceptance.

Healing Properties

Rhodonite has so many healing properties and those who have it are sure to feel its pink glow shining on them. It mostly helps with the heart, making sure it is in a pure and elegant state. Rhodonite helps bring a feel of freshness within the body, helping you begin a new journey. For those who often feel drained, this crystal's soothing vibrations are what you need to get your energy levels back up again!

By Pia Louisa

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