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Sacral Chakra Crystals

The sacral chakra is home to our creative energy, our inner fire, our passion and our playfulness. It is connected to the colour orange, which suits its fiery nature well! You will know when it is time to reconnect with this side of yourself, as you will long to have more intimacy in your relationships and a more creative spirit.


Carnelian is a crystal of creativity and spirit. It oozes a warm energy and shines with a fiery brightness. In ancient times, Carnelian was a crystal of fertility and is strongly connected to the goddess Isis. Carnelian heals your sacral chakra by awakening your creative heart, spicing up your love life, and building up your confidence. It is also a beautiful stone that you can place anywhere in your home!

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye is the crystal of the mind. It is a brown colour, with yellow stripes covering each stone. Like Carnelian, Tiger's Eye boosts creativity. It is also great for grounding and stabilising yourself if you feel like you need to come back down to earth. If you have been feeling fearful about anything, Tiger's Eye helps get rid of it and also deals with any mood swings that come your way.


Unakite is a mixture of Epidote and Red Jasper. This crystal is known to promote lasting love and healthy, balanced relationships. It is also associated with beauty and artistic design, which is why it is closely linked to the sacral chakra. Unakite is great for showing your love and appreciation, and to bring more sensual pleasure into your life. Place Unakite in your bedroom to get all of its benefits.


Citrine is the 'merchant's stone', as it increases wealth and success. It also enhances creativity and promotes self-confidence. It can be associated with both the sacral and solar plexus chakras, and is especially good at restoring balance to each chakra. Citrine possesses a great energy flow and can attract power to the body, which in turn boosts confidence.

Orange Calcite

Orange Calcite has cleansing properties which helps if you have any blockages in your sacral chakra. It amplifies the energy that you wish to have and helps you feel revitalised. This crystal is great if you wish to soothe your chakra and can open it up if you want to be more creative in your day-to-day life. Orange Calcite can soak up any excess energy you have and put it to good use.

By Pia Louisa

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