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Self-Care For Each Star Sign

Self-care is so important, so it is crucial everyone find a way that suits them best. Here are the ways that each star sign may choose to relax.

Aries - Turning Off Their Phone

This may seem like an extreme one, but more often than not, Aries feel pressured to always be responding to texts and emails straight away, which can cause them quite a lot of stress. One night of not having to respond to people could do wonders for their mental health. They may choose to just do a few hours a day without their phone and cutting out that extra noise will definitely decrease their stress levels.

Taurus - Being Pampered

Taurus need time to pamper themselves! They are the most indulgent zodiac sign, therefore like to add a bit of glamour to their day-to-day routine. For example, giving themselves a mani-pedi or experimenting with new makeup ideas will let them appreciate their inner beauty and outer beauty. Taurus like to look good, as it boosts their confidence levels.

Gemini - Writing

Geminis are known for having so many thoughts constantly swirling around their heads. Writing down everything that they have got in their minds is a great way of getting everything out and learning not to bottle it all up until they start overthinking! They could also be wonderful fiction writers, as they have a fascinating imagination, full of fun and exciting worlds.

Cancer - Breathing

Yes this seems so obvious, but Cancerians are so caring and loyal that they often take on other people's energies and problems without even realising it. This is why they must set a good energy routine and start the day (or end the day) with some deep breathing. They could hold a few crystals and think about happy thoughts, as well as everything they would like to achieve in their life.

Leo - Dancing

Leos are always the main characters of their story, so they should embrace that. As one of the most playful star signs, anything that will help them not take themselves too seriously is the perfect way to relax. Since they are ruled by the sun, they haven't got a problem finding the energy to dance the night away! Allowing a dance break somewhere in their daily routine will let them embrace their inner child and boost confidence.

Virgo - Decluttering

Virgos love to organise their belongings and get rid of anything no longer of any value to them. They will do the chores that other people deem 'boring' when they want to unwind. Virgos like a place for everything, so will declutter until their home is perfect. If they don't use something anymore, it is gone! Once they have a tidy environment, they will have a tidy mind.

Libra - Practising Gratitude

Libras love the good life, but can sometimes take their fun day-to-day moments for granted. This is why they should write down all the amazing things that happen to them, so that they can read it all back and be grateful for the life they have. They will soon learn to be grateful for everything now and everything coming their way. By counting their blessings, they will be the happiest they've ever been.

Scorpio - Reading

Scorpios like their own company and they also love to learn. Therefore, an afternoon spent being cosy with a great book (most likely nonfiction) is their perfect way to relax. Heaven to a Scorpio is being able to just be themselves without any expectations and enjoy something so simple as reading. Scorpios like to get lost in another world where anything can happen.

Sagittarius - Walking

Sagittarius love exploring, therefore their best self-care activity would be getting out into nature and going for a walk. As they love to have their freedom and be spontaneous, going for a walk and disconnecting from their daily life would do them good. Sagittarius like to get away from the people and things that stress them, instead of staying in an unhappy situation.

Capricorn - Focussing On Goals

Capricorns are the ultimate boss, because they are ambitious and disciplined. As they are so dedicated to their work, they often put themselves under too much pressure. Self-care for Capricorns is all about checking in with themselves. They should take the pressure off of results and instead write down their goals so that they don't have to constantly keep them swirling around in their mind.

Aquarius - Exercising

Most people would think exercise is not the way to relax, but Aquarius understand that exercise doesn't have to be extreme. They believe that for exercise to be effective, it doesn't have to be painful! Finding an exercise that they love (stretching, walking, dancing) will benefit their mental health and work wonders for their body and brain. Once they find it, you'll never be able to stop them.

Pisces - Having A Bedtime Routine

Pisces need a good night's sleep! That is why all of their self-care rituals should be at night. This could be placing a crystal near their bed (Amethyst would be perfect for them) or lighting a few candles. It could also be beneficial to turn off their phone around 30 minutes before going to sleep. Once they have a good night's rest, they will feel energised for the following day.

By Pia Louisa

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