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Self-Care Oracle Cards

The next oracle card deck we will be looking at is The Sacred Self-Care Oracle, which is all about how to connect with yourself through self-care practises. Not all of these will appeal to everyone, but if you find one that you may benefit from, don't be afraid to give it a go.

Clean Your Space

Receiving Clean Your Space is a sign to remember that a tidy environment often leads to a tidy mind. Some people will not agree with this and much prefer to put their energies towards other things, but if you're finding yourself getting lost in imaginary worlds, or are feeling a bit overwhelmed, cleaning up can be a very grounding activity. If you are dreading any cleaning projects, figure out why and if it's worth doing.

Beauty Ritual

When Beauty Ritual appears, it is saying that you are incredibly beautiful inside and out. Painting your nails, brushing your hair, or trying on new clothes, a beauty ritual is whatever you want it to be! By showing that you care about how you look, you are showing the world that you love yourself and are happy with your natural glow. Do what you want to make your beauty ritual sacred to you.

Burning Bowl Ritual

Burning Bowl Ritual is not going to be everyone's cup of tea and takes a lot more effort than the other self-care activities on this list. It is about surrendering to the fire in front of you and letting it burn away any negative thoughts you may have by writing them down on a piece of paper and placing it into the fire. Burning bowl rituals have to be done safely to help you release what you need to in order to move on.

Abundance Planning

Receiving Abundance Planning is all about attracting a level of abundance that is in line with your self-worth. Keep a notebook of things that you want from life, whether they be big or small. Next to each one, write how you are going to get there. It doesn't have to be a solid plan, as things change no matter what. Just by putting the effort into planning, you'll get something back in return.

Build Strength

When Build Strength appears in your reading, it is a reminder that you are strong and that your mind, body and spirit are resilient. Building strength can be mental or physical and you must remember that you were not weak to start with. You can handle anything and have the ability to build on what you already have. Keep in mind the things that make you feel strong and let them guide you.

Alone Time

Alone Time is all about making time to focus on yourself. Every now and then we all need a little check in with ourselves to see how we're feeling. Alone time doesn't automatically mean being lonely. It is just time where you are solely choosing yourself and nothing else. Seeing what emotions come up when you're alone can help guide you when you are socialising.

Be Still

Receiving Be Still is all about stopping the constant whirl of thoughts circulating round your mind in order to listen to what is truly meant for you. Instead of jumping from one topic to the next, take some time to quieten your mind and think about the things that are worth your energy. Use this time to calm down and breathe, as we are all constantly moving from one project to another and need to remember to stop for a minute.


When Chanting appears in your reading it is about a personal preference to how you want your voice to be heard. Some people like to go for the original 'OM' sound, however, chanting can also be just sitting, relaxing and talking to yourself about what makes you happy, sad, or the things you wish to accomplish. Sometimes just getting the words out into the open can be the first step.


Aromatherapy is about being connected to all of your senses and feeling free to explore them. Whether you like putting essential oils on your pillow at night, or prefer lighting a candle to soothe you, aromatherapy can transport you somewhere else in only a few moments. Just one scent can bring back memories you forgot about and can bring you a sense of calm wherever you are.

By Pia Louisa

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