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Signs Good Luck Is Coming Your Way

We've all done that thing when we're driving where we see, for example, a friends name on a number plate and think to ourselves it's a sign that we should send them a message. Well, there are so many signs out there and not knowing what some of them are, may mean that you are missing quite a few. Here are just a few signs and symbols that say good luck is coming your way!


Elephants are symbols of wealth, health and love. The Ganesh is a Hindu God of Luck, which shows how Elephants have been used as signs of luck for years and years. This isn't saying you must see a live elephant to know good luck is coming your way, it could be a little figure in a shop, or maybe you overhear someone talking about them while you're out.


Stars are often related to wishes (especially shooting stars), so when you see them, know that luck is coming your way. Stars are for making wishes come true! Seeing a shooting star can be quite rare, so there are many other ways to see a star and know luck is on your side. If there is a clear night while you're out, look up at the sky and think about everything you wish for in life.

The Number 8

The number 8 is very significant. The shape of the number 8 is symmetrical, showing balance, so if you keep seeing this number everywhere, (on houses, phone numbers, number plates) it means that you will receive lots of good luck! Obviously, we see different numbers every day, so I like to use the three rule. If you see the number 8 three clear times, then you know it's a sign for you.

By Pia Louisa

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