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Signs You're Really Into Someone

You may be single, in a wonderful relationship or like many of us, crushing on someone who has no idea! Getting into a new relationship can be confusing when you are not sure how the other person truly feels, or more important, how you feel. Here are a few signs that you really like someone.

You Think About Them All The Time

Thinking about someone when you're with them is just a nice thing to do, but when you are still thinking about them even when you're not together, it could mean something more. When you see something while you're out and can't wait to tell them, or when you watch a TV show or movie that you just know they will love. Having someone occupy a lot of your mind may mean you are really into them.

How Do You Feel When You're With Them?

Now you've realised that you think about them when they're not around, you can start to think about how you feel when you are with them. Do you feel excited? Nervous? If the answers to these questions are yes, then you may have feelings for them. If being with them makes you feel like nothing else you've ever felt then it is pretty clear that you might like them as something more.

Time Flies

Having great conversation and lots in common is a sign that you absolutely love spending time with this person. Being able to talk for hours but it only feeling like 10 minutes shows just how comfortable yet fun it is to be with them. There's no point being with someone where it feels like you've been talking for a 2 hours when in reality it's actually 15 minutes!


Do you find yourself getting jealous when they talk about other guys/girls? If the answer is yes, then you obviously don't want them going out with anyone else. Take some time to figure out if the reason for this is that you want to be with them and it will make your feelings much clearer. Jealousy isn't always a bad thing, use it to your advantage to help you on your journey.

It Feels Natural

Forcing a relationship to happen that just isn't there is pointless and a lot of the time people do this because they don't want to be alone. Trust me, you deserve better. If you are with someone and it feels completely natural then you can tell that this is a healthy relationship. This should be a fun thing, so let it flow in the most natural way possible. Those truly are the best times.

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