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Songs For Each Star Sign

When it comes to astrology, each sign is completely different and what better way to show their unique natures than with a song!

Aries - 'Girl On Fire' By Alicia Keys

This is the Aries anthem! Although Alicia Keys isn't an Aries (she's an Aquarius btw) she sure knows how to tap into that fiery Aries nature. I mean just the lyric 'Everybody stares as she goes by, cause they can see the flame that's in her eyes' shows just how perfect this song is for an Aries. Bonus song - 'Look What You Made Me Do' by Taylor Swift, as Aries aren't exactly known for keeping control of their temper.

Taurus - 'Rumour Has It' By Adele

Fun fact, Adele is also a Taurus! This song shows many characteristics of a Taurus, being incredibly observant, but also very jealous. This song also has a solution for some of the bad Taurus traits and ends with Adele singing about finally moving on, which is something Taurus can have problems with. Bonus song - 'One Way Or Another' by Blondie.

Gemini - 'Hot N Cold' By Katy Perry

Ah Gemini, as one of the most indecisive zodiac signs, you know what it's like to be constantly changing your mind. Funny thing about you Gemini is, you really don't care what people think. You can change your mind as many times as you like and everyone around you will just have to deal with it! Bonus song - 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together' by Taylor Swift.

Cancer - 'Party In The U.S.A' By Miley Cyrus

Cancerians are the most loving zodiac sign, however, they do like to have lots of fun too! We sometimes can get wrapped up in the fact that Cancerians are super emotional and always want to be there for other people, that we forget that they still love to have a good time and this song reflects that. Bonus song - 'Bitch Better Have My Money' by Rihanna.

Leo - 'Born This Way' By Lady Gaga

Leos know who they are and they are not ashamed to shout it from the rooftops! Leos are proud of their true selves and won't apologise for being the person they are. 'Born This Way' is the anthem for anyone who has pride in who they are and won't let anyone tell them otherwise. Bonus song - 'Wannabe' by Spice Girls as Leos are known for having a group of friends and forever being loyal to them.

Virgo - 'The Lazy Song' By Bruno Mars

Virgos are an ambitious zodiac sign, however, they also love having days of complete rest and this song is the perfect way to show the chilled side of them. Sometimes, the perfect day for a Virgo is just relaxing on the sofa and binging a series that they have been loving! Bonus song - 'Dancing On My Own' by Calum Scott, as Virgos will only be around people they truly like and aren't afraid to be by themselves if their friends are busy.

Libra - 'It Ain't Me' By Kygo

Libras are notoriously caring and 'It Ain't Me' is all about how some people may see this trait and take advantage of it. However, Libras can see who is there for them and who isn't and aren't afraid to put their foot down. Bonus song - 'Love Lies' by Khalid and Normani.

Scorpio - 'Firework' By Katy Perry

Scorpios have big personalities. They really are like a firework bursting with bright colours while other people watch with amazement. Scorpios do suffer with slight mood swings every now and again, but they have irresistible personalities that can't help but draw people in. Bonus song - 'Blank Space' by Taylor Swift, as they really are a 'nightmare dressed like a daydream'!

Sagittarius - 'You Can't Always Get What You Want' By The Rolling Stones

Sagittarius want EVERYTHING! There are so many things in life that they want to try and with their positive outlook, they can get disappointed when things don't go their way. This song shows the lesson that many Sagittarius have to learn which is you really can't always get what you want. Bonus song - 'And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going' by Jennifer Holliday.

Capricorn - 'Somebody To Love' By Queen

Capricorns work hard and at the end of the day deserve somebody to love them. People may try to put a Capricorn down, but they are not the sign to try and fight with, as a Capricorn is sure of themselves and won't let anybody make them feel like less. Capricorns aren't going to face no defeat! Bonus song - 'Man In The Mirror' by Michael Jackson, as Capricorns really do want to make a change within the world.

Aquarius - 'You Need To Calm Down' By Taylor Swift

While Taylor Swift songs can often be deep and emotional (which are not traits that Aquarius have), 'You Need To Calm Down' is different in that it's about peace in the world and how we should all treat everyone equally. This is perfect for Aquarius as they are known for being humanitarians. Bonus song - 'Run The World (Girls)' by Beyoncé, as the whole song is about being strong which Aquarius aren't afraid to be!

Pisces - 'Daydream Believer' By The Monkees

Pisces are big dreamers! They want to explore the world and when in situations that are either boring or stressful, will start to imagine all of the beautiful places they can go to (usually by the water). Pisces are good at adapting to whatever it is they need to do, but will always be dreaming about the adventures that life will take them on. Bonus song - 'Wildest Dreams' by Taylor Swift.

By Pia Talbot

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