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Star Sign Compatibility

Each star sign has another that they are the most compatible with. Here we will be exploring their best romantic match and also their best friendship match. Let's see which sign is best for you!


Aries have natural charm, but with their fiery nature, you can often wonder if you're the best match. Both fire signs and air signs work well for an Aries romantically, with Sagittarius being the best. Aries and Sagittarius have lots of chemistry and will never be bored together. Friendship wise, Aries and Geminis are great as they bring out the best in each other. You both love to try anything once which keeps the friendship fun and exciting.


Taurus have great romantic compatibility with quite a few signs, however, Cancerians are the best for them. They have wonderful passion between the two of them and also make sure to keep healthy communication. For friendships, the best for Taurus is a Capricorn. Forming a strong friendship will happen very quickly for the two of you. You share many of the same goals and will help each other reach them.


For Geminis, there are a couple of signs that suit them romantically, but Aries work the best for them. Their relationship is like an adventure story and they both share a passion for being outdoors. Leos are the best friends for Geminis and you will probably find yourself drawn to them the most. You are both playful at heart and have a young spirit.


Cancerians and Taurus make a great couple! They both want a strong family dynamic and believe in trust and intimacy. They both love the arts and share a mutual understanding of it. Friendship wise, Scorpios make fulfilling and entertaining friends. As you are both water signs, you like to get beneath the surface when talking about common interests. You will have very deep conversations.


When it comes to romance, Leos are best with air signs, especially Libras. Leos and Libras are a perfect match! Air and fire elements work so well together and these two are a great combination. Leos and Sagittarius make great friends and your connection with them is more than most. Your friendship together will be full of kindness, excitement and humour.


When it comes to romance, Virgos can be very shy, but hide it behind humour and a loud personality. They are most compatible with Capricorns as they are both earth signs. Virgos appreciate that Capricorns are hardworking and that they help them to ease their fears and worries. Virgos have walls around them and the sign that works best for them friendship wise is Pisces. This is because their emotional nature helps to break down these walls. They both take their friendships seriously and are very good at protecting themselves before others.


Libras are interesting signs to get close to romantically, but the sign best for them is Gemini. As they are both air signs, they get along really well and appreciate the beauty in life. They are both curious and are the soul of any party! When it comes to Libras, they actually tend to have the best friendships with other Libras. It is so easy and familiar that the friendship is never filled with drama. Libras are charming, witty and smart, which makes the friendship perfect.


Scorpios need a romantic partner that will understand them and appreciate their competitive nature. That is why Pisces are their best match. Pisces are deep, but also slightly less serious than Scorpio, which means that Scorpio can have the optimism that they don't usually produce! Scorpios are loyal and supportive friends and making friends with another water sign is as easy as it gets for them. This is why Cancerians are the perfect friends for them. Scorpios love how Cancerians are affectionate and enjoy the comfort that they give them.


Sagittarius have great compatibility with multiple signs, however, their best has to be Leo. They are both full of passion and make communicating a priority. As friends, Sagittarius are the most exciting and Aries make a perfect playmate for them! You both have lots of energy and love to have fun.


Capricorns have quite a few signs they are romantically compatible with, but Virgo is the best! They both have lots of chemistry and as earth signs, are great at communicating. Capricorns make great friends and a friendship that is precious to them is one with a Taurus. Taurus are loyal, loving and funny, which is exactly what a Capricorn needs!


Aquarius actually make great romantic partners with other Aquarius! They may have some slight issues as both of them want to be the ones to stand out the most, but they have a wonderful attraction to each other and are great at talking through their problems. Aquarius are social and like to try new things. They also need a friend that is intellectual and astute, which basically sums up a Virgo! There may sometimes be some drama between the two, but overall they have a great friendship.


Pisces and Scorpios are sure to have a great romance. The physical attraction these two share with each other is glorious and they are both wonderful at articulating how they feel. Pisces make great friends and their perfect friend is an Aquarius! A Pisces/Aquarius friendship is refreshing. Neither of you are traditional and enjoy that you are both individualistic.

By Pia Talbot

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