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Star Sign Fun Facts

Since we all love star signs, here are a few fun facts about each zodiac sign! Let's get straight into it.


1. Aries like Spicy Foods!

2. Aries love to start new projects.

3. Aries hate feeling weak.


1. Taurus loves to relax on the sofa watching movies!

2. Taurus has a very strong memory.

3. Taurus will always make the sacrifices needed for their loved ones.


1. A Gemini can go from feeling really happy to really angry within a matter of minutes.

2. A Gemini can be having so much fun one second and then want to go home the next.

3. Geminis pay closer attention to people's actions rather than words.


1. Cancers are the most difficult of the zodiac to understand.

2. Cancers prefer to work logically.

3. When a Cancer loves you, they will never stop caring about you.


1. Leos are extremely protective.

2. Leos are great listeners.

3. Leos lucky numbers are 1, 4 and 6!


1. Virgos HATE nosy people!

2. The perfect gift for a Virgo would be a journal for all their goals.

3. Virgos don't care about being the centre of attention.


1. Libras aren't big texters, as they don't want to seem annoying.

2. Libras give their loved ones everything, so they are not ones to betray!

3. When a Libra does text you, reply fast, as this shows them that you care.


1. Scorpios would rather chill at home than go on a night out.

2. Scorpios are willing to help people they don't even know.

3. Scorpios shield their emotions by making jokes.


1. Sagittarius doesn't think about the consequences of their decisions.

2. Sagittarius are there for others, as they understand what it's like to have no one.

3. Sagittarius would never betray someone they love.


1. Capricorns don't like to depend on other people.

2. When someone offends a Capricorn, they just smile through as they know the haters aren't worth it.

3. Capricorns will keep going until they have reached their final goal.


1. Aquarius never want to hurt anyone's feelings.

2. Aquarius have a very subtle way of showing their emotions.

3. When an Aquarius hates someone, they hate them for life!


1. NEVER use the phrase 'It is what it is' with a Pisces!

2. Pisces need to feel loved.

3. Pisces always take care of their bodies.

By Pia Talbot

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