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Star Sign's Love Language

There are 5 love languages: physical touch, quality time, words of affirmation, gifts and acts of service. Let's find out which one your star sign prefers.

Aries - Words of Affirmation

Aries are fiercely independent and love to be given compliments. They love to talk about themselves, so having their loved one whisper sweet nothings in their ear is their dream! Aries love to go after what they want and don't like anyone getting in their way, therefore words of affirmation is their perfect love language.

Taurus - Gifts

Taurus are very dependable and have a taste for the finer things in life! This is why gift giving is the love language for them. They tend to search for people that have the same tastes as them, resulting in more love and material gain for them. As much as they love receiving presents, they also love giving their partner gifts to show their affection for them.

Gemini - Words of Affirmation

Geminis are very charming and chatty, which means that they love when their partner is talkative in return and showers them with compliments! The way to show a Gemini that you love them is to have an intellectual conversation with them. All a Gemini wants is for the person they are with to be honest with them about how they feel and that includes how much they love them.

Cancer - Quality Time

Cancerians are caring and nurturing and love when their partner is the same. While some people may think that they can be clingy, Cancerians just love spending quality time with their partner. They don't really mind what they do, all they want is to feel close to their loved one and be connected. The best way to a Cancerian's heart is by spending time with them without any distractions.

Leo - Gifts

Leos are very generous and expect the same in return. In relationships, they like grand gestures and don't particularly care for relaxing evenings in! If they see someone sad, they will get something for them to cheer them up and they want the same from their partner. Leos see material things as an important way of showing love. If you are in a relationship with a Leo, expect to give lots of gifts and receive them too.

Virgo - Acts of Service

Virgos are perfectionists and can often get caught up in the little details. This is why acts of service is their perfect love language, as seeing the person they love help with all the things they can obsess about really is true love to them! Virgos love to do things for others to help them out, so when their partner does the same for them, they can't help but swoon.

Libra - Words of Affirmation

Libras are all about balance and harmony, so when their partner is sweet enough to be kind with their words, Libras love it! They are at their best when they hear someone talk about how much they love them and like to listen to all the little reasons they are loved. Although they can sometimes be temperamental, listening to their loved one explain why they love them always calms them down.

Scorpio - Physical Touch

Scorpios are extremely passionate and emotional and even though they have flaws, their personality is electric and not many people can resist their charms. They need intimacy in their relationship to show that they care for each other. Physical touch is their perfect love language, as they need fire and passion to succeed in any area of life. Never let a Scorpio go a day without physical touch!

Sagittarius - Gifts

Sagittarius are free-sprits and can't stand to be tied down. This is why gift giving is so important to them. They don't particularly care about material things, but while they're off on their adventures, they like to have something to remember their loved one by. Sagittarius are never dull, so if you are giving a gift to them, it doesn't have to be expensive, but is does have to be interesting.

Capricorn - Acts of Service

Capricorns are very hard workers and never stop until they have achieved their goals. They tend to lead with actions instead of words and love when their partner does the same. A Capricorn wants someone who loves them enough to do the mundane chores they are sometimes too tired to do after a long day working. Capricorns never forget when someone has done something for them.

Aquarius - Words of Affirmation

Aquarius are often described as unusual, however, they are also kind and natural humanitarians. Although they are sometimes distant, which can lead to them taking a while to share their feelings, they love it when their partner can be brave enough to talk first and express their true emotions. Aquarius need deep connections and intellectual conversations to survive.

Pisces - Acts of Service

Pisces are the most compassionate of the zodiac, meaning that they love to help out others wherever they can. They can sometimes be taken advantage of in their relationships, by doing so much for their partner and not getting anything in return. So when their loved one goes out of their way to do something for them, they can't help but fall in love!

By Pia Talbot

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