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Star Sign Superlatives

Each star sign has something they are most likely to do or be. When a superlative is used to describe a group, it is often a compliment and is also a little bit exaggerated. When it comes to zodiac signs, each one has a word that describes them best, some are well known and others not so much, so some of these may surprise you...

Aries - Most Adventurous

Aries are adventurous in a way that is unlike most. They put themselves out there often and love when it pays off. They aren't afraid to do what most people would be and others love that about them.

Taurus - Most Stubborn

This can be a good thing or a bad thing, you decide! Taurus are very stubborn. Once they set their mind to something, no one is going to tell them otherwise. Taurus are special, because once they are on the right path, nothing will make them stray.

Gemini - Most Likely To Have A Podcast

Geminis are naturals when it comes to telling stories. They have amazing social skills and their banter is second to none. People want to listen to them when they talk, so it would only be the right thing for them to start a podcast!

Cancer - Most Competitive

As one of the most caring and emotional signs, you wouldn't expect them to be the most competitive...but they are! Cancers are in it to win it and aren't the types to let anyone win. If you are in a competition with a Cancer, watch out.

Leo - Most Likely To Become President

Leos have so many ideas about how the world should be, that it is a no brainer that they are the sign most likely to be some kind of ruler! They are kind and fair, so they would make wonderful leaders if given the chance.

Virgo - Most Involved

Virgos like to do everything! Not only do they hope for the best but prepare for the worst, they love to get involved with all and any excitement happening around them. If you ever have an event and need someone to come with you, ask a Virgo.

Libra - Most Likely To Ask So Many Questions They End Up Annoying Everyone

Everyone loves a Libra, but they are also kind of like that kid in school that asks the teacher a question right before the bell rings and makes the rest of the class late for lunch! Don't change Libra, we love you just the way you are, even with all the questions.

Scorpio - Most Likely To Be Secretive

Scorpios are known for having a mean side, but one thing people fail to mention is just how secretive they can be. You think their life is an open book, but they are actually only showing you what they want you to see.

Sagittarius - Most Likely To Make Everyone Laugh

With their amazing sense of humour, Sagittarius are always making people laugh. They enjoy distracting others from their boring day-to-day tasks with hilarious jokes and funny quips. They even often make people laugh without realising it!

Capricorn - Most Likely To Be CEO

Capricorns almost always lead with their head instead of their heart, which makes them perfect to run a company. They can make the tough decisions and are very organised. They also enjoy telling others what to do which helps!

Aquarius - Most Likely To Change The World

Aquarius have a passion for making the world a better place and will stop at nothing until they know they have made a difference. Once an Aquarius has a project to work on, it is the only thing they will be thinking about until it is completed!

Pisces - Most Likely To Become A Musician

Pisces are almost always naturally gifted musicians. They also have a fabulous drive that will push them to get better and better. Having an audience listen to them play their music is terrifying to them, but also something they constantly dream about.

By Pia Talbot

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