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Star Signs As A Family

What if each zodiac sign was part of a big happy (slightly dysfunctional) family? Each member of a family have unique personality traits, so let's see which one is most like your star sign!

Aries - Cool Aunt

Aries are fiery and passionate, making them great to go on any adventure with. It's likely the cool aunt of the family is an Aries, as she would always encourage you to go on adventures and go for your dreams. You wouldn't want to spend too much time with her, or the fun times you have together won't be as special! She's the cool person in the family that can always make you laugh.

Taurus - Organised Dad

Taurus is that dad who wants to teach his kids the importance of being clean and organised. He likes to have the finer things in life, but only if they have traditional value. He isn't too career oriented, as he much prefers to spend time with his kids. He is a devoted father and likes to do his own furnishing in the house! He only wants to spend his time relaxing in the home.

Gemini - Supportive Grandad

Gemini is the supportive grandad who always puts family first. He trusts everyone in the family, but isn't afraid to show when he's losing interest in a conversation! He doesn't ever want to be a burden on anyone and likes his space. He is very chatty and considers talking with family members his relaxing time. He likes a debate, but uses this as a way of better understanding the people around him.

Cancer - Fascinating Mum

Cancerians are the mum who has so many emotions you can't quite keep up. She always has fascinating stories to tell and will put other's needs before her own. She is the type of person that knows everyone in the family so well that she can tell if someone is unhappy before they say anything. She can always be counted on for advice or a shoulder to cry on.

Leo - Protective Sister

Leo is the big-hearted protective sister that will do anything for the people she loves. She protects everyone in the family, especially those younger than her. She is easy-going, but still has a cheeky side to her! The Leo sister is very opinionated and isn't afraid to speak her mind. If someone upsets her, or worse, upsets someone she loves, she won't hold back.

Virgo - Perfect Brother

Virgo is that perfect brother that you don't want to be compared to. He is the type to never talk back to his parents and can do no wrong in their eyes! Everyone loves him in the family, but he can sometimes be a bit of a show-off. He knows that he is perfect and puts a lot of pressure on himself to stay that way. On the inside he is terrified of failing, but would never show anyone in the family.

Libra - Pretty Cousin

Libra is the beautiful, feminine cousin who has the perfect life. She loves makeup and is always wearing pretty dresses! She is your go to person to talk about relationships with and will always take you shopping to find the perfect outfit to wear. The Libra cousin may sometimes seem a bit air-headed, but her sweet personality and love for life makes you forget about that.

Scorpio - Bold Uncle

Scorpio is the bold uncle who is very independent and always on the move. He can be quite selfish and loves to be different to everybody else. The best way to get on the good side of the Scorpio uncle is to pay him a compliment! He is very passionate and loves to spend time with the family. He likes to give advice out to family members, but it can sometimes lead to misunderstandings.

Sagittarius - Random Friend That Shows Up At Family Gatherings!

We all have someone in the family that brings along a friend to family gatherings and Sagittarius personality perfectly embodies this! They are the type of person that has all this wisdom but your not quite sure how they know so much. They know who everyone is in the family and it would be weird if they weren't there at a gathering. You like them, but there is an air of mystery surrounding them.

Capricorn - Chatty Grandma

Capricorn is the chatty grandma who always tells the family the fun stories of what she did when she was younger! She loves to feel connected to the family by relating the stories back to her. The Capricorn grandma loves to feel needed and always wants to help everyone around her, but she much prefers to sit back and talk to whoever is around.

Aquarius - Genius Nephew

Aquarius is the dorky genius nephew, as all Aquarians want to do is show their creativity to the world. He is the type to know every answer to the questions when you play a board game together and says random facts in-between! You like to talk to him, but if you stay with him too long you start to feel stupid because you aren't quite sure how he knows so much random trivia.

Pisces - Loving Niece

Pisces is the loving niece that dreads spending time with all the family, but loves it when they're all together. She often spends time in her own little world, but loves when all the family members shower her with affection! The Pisces niece loves attention, but doesn't like when there is any conflict in the family. If there is someone she doesn't like, she will stay away from them instead of causing any drama.

By Pia Louisa

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