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Star Signs As Disney Characters

Who doesn't love a Disney movie? No matter your age, Disney films are loved by everyone and for good reason. Today we will be exploring which Disney character best suits your star sign!

Aries - Anger 'Inside Out'

Anger is an obvious Aries! Aries find it hard to control their emotions, but deep down want to be as calm as the people around them. They are extremely passionate people and once they set their mind to something, it's best no one stands in their way. Aries want to be there for the people around them, but their anger often stops them from achieving this.

Taurus - Bambi 'Bambi'

Taurus are very down to earth and connected with all things natural. Bambi is chosen to be their character, as he is grounded and gentle. He is connected to the forest and has a sweet nature, just like many Taurus. Bambi is a peaceful character which is a strong trait of this zodiac sign. Taurus are mindful of others and soft speakers. They are kind and generous, just like Bambi.

Gemini - Anna 'Frozen'

Having to be stuck in a castle for years with no where else to go is a Geminis worst nightmare. However, Geminis could actually be good at living alone, as they are great at entertaining themselves. Anna is the ultimate Gemini! She doesn't have anyone to play with, so she talks to paintings and slides down the banisters just to keep her happy personality intact.

Cancer - Cinderella 'Cinderella'

Cancerians are the ultimate homemakers. They are wonderful around the house and are also loving people. Cancerians are used to doing all the work around the house, but want to spend time away from their home as well. They are definitely the most emotional sign! Cancerians do tend to be a bit insecure and just like Cinderella, may let their evil step-sisters walk all over them.

Leo - Mulan 'Mulan'

As a fire sign ruled by the Sun, Leos are extremely powerful and have a fierce personality. Just like Mulan, they are passionate, stubborn and very loyal. Leos are born leaders and are incredibly confident. They are genuine and adventurous, but often cut themselves off from loved ones in order to focus on a project that means a lot to them. Leos can achieve anything they want!

Virgo - Dumbo 'Dumbo'

Virgos know how to make use of their full potential, but just like Dumbo, often let their insecurities hold them back. They are quirky characters who have a tough exterior, but are sensitive on the inside. Virgos care for the people around them so much they often try to insert themselves into their friends' problems, but it all comes from a place of love. They have kind hearts and warm personalities.

Libra - Duchess 'The Aristocats'

Libras are all about harmony and balance. They are driven by the good in the world and have a romantic heart. That is why Duchess is their Disney character. She is always trying to calm her crazy kids and remind them to be gentle. Libras just want a normal balanced life. They're not too quiet or too loud, they are perfect just the way they are. Libras do not cause drama or problems.

Scorpio - Elsa 'Frozen'

Scorpios and Elsa share a common trait, they are both incredibly intense. This zodiac sign isn't everyone's cup of tea, but you can't deny their magnetic, charming personality. Elsa's go with the flow personality covered up her icy powers and complex mind. She wouldn't invite just anyone into her snowy palace! Scorpios are just like this, which makes them so interesting to so many people.

Sagittarius - Aladdin 'Aladdin'

Sagittarius say 'yes' to any adventure! They know what they want their life to look like and have a great sense of humour to match. Sagittarius promise so much and want to make good on their words, but often can't live up to what they have said. They love their freedom and need to travel. Sagittarius are fun people who are incredibly optimistic. However, they do often strive for a materialistic life, just like Aladdin.

Capricorn - Jasmine 'Aladdin'

Capricorns are responsible, patient and very disciplined. They have amazing self-control and are practical when they have to make a decision. Capricorns are often the most serious of the signs, as they are independent, responsible and hardworking. Just like Jasmine, nothing is more important to them than their family and the people in their life who are like family to them.

Aquarius - Ariel 'The Little Mermaid'

Ariel is a quirky character, just like Aquarius! Aquarius are curious people who often forget about their everyday tasks when they find something that keeps them busy. They do have a bit of a jealous side to their personality, but make up for it with their weirdly wonderful nature. Aquarius want to explore everything that life has to offer and aren't afraid to be themselves.

Pisces - Flounder 'The Little Mermaid'

Pisces are known for their wonderful empathy and intuitiveness. Flounder is an obvious Pisces, as he is always helping Ariel and can sense when danger may arise. Pisces are extremely sensitive. The first thought that comes to them when something happens is to get emotional. They are romantic people who love happy endings. Pisces are compassionate with perceptive personalities.

By Pia Louisa

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