Star Signs As Marvel Characters

Matching characters with star signs is so much fun, as each zodiac sign has such a different personality! Here are the Marvel characters best suited to your astrological sign.

Aries - Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) really captures the spirit of an Aries! She is a real go-getter and is always ready to throw herself into a challenge, no matter the danger. Aries are brave, confident and passionate, just like Captain Marvel, however, they can often act without thinking and be extremely hot-headed (that's why I sometimes call them Scaries!).

Taurus - Iron Man

Taurus are known to be very stubborn and hate when things change. Just like Taurus, Iron Man hates listening to other people's opinions and always follows his own path. Both Iron Man and any Taurus can charm their way out of a situation, by neither of them can stand taking any criticism! However, they both have huge hearts and also huge egos.

Gemini - Nick Fury

Nick Fury is bold and realistic, just like Gemini. It's very difficult to read his emotions, something that Geminis may relate to as they use about 50 different emotions within 1 minute! Nick has many secrets and doesn't like to share too much with people he doesn't know very well. Geminis are the talkative ones of the zodiac, but often find themselves chatting about other people rather than themselves.

Cancer - Spider-Man

Peter Parker is a very enthusiastic person, with a smart and inventive mind. Cancerians are like Peter Parker as they are passionate about the things that really make them happy and love to just sit at home and watch a good film with the people they love. Both Cancerians and Spider-Man can be quite secretive, but they share things with the people that matter most.

Leo - Thor

Thor is the only character to describe Leo, as no one can be more confident than him! Leos are kind, passionate and bold, just like the god of thunder. However, Leos can be quite arrogant from time to time, like Thor before he was exiled to Earth. Leos have a magnetic energy that others can't resist and shine brightly on whoever allows them to just be themselves.

Virgo - Bucky Barnes

Bucky is a loyal and headstrong person, just like any Virgo. He is a wonderful friend and always wants to cheer up the people he loves. Virgos can't stand seeing their friends feeling sad and try their hardest to make them feel better. Both Bucky and Virgo do whatever it takes to succeed and are protective of the people they love the most. They only open up to their closest of friends.

Libra - Captain America

Both Captain America and Libra are big conflict-avoiders and want to be the peacemakers in any situation! Captain America wants to be a hero for all Americans, while Libras want to be good and harmonious. Both Libra and Captain America set themselves incredible goals and many people admire them. It is very rare for a Libra to get on the wrong side of someone.

Scorpio - Black Widow

Black Widow tricked and lied to people for a living, something that Scorpios would be great at! She was great at being flirtatious, friendly and scared, but in reality she is a strong-willed independent woman. Scorpios often hide their true selves from people, as they are not sure whether others would understand who they really are. Black Widow only opens up to people she really trusts, just like any Scorpio.

Sagittarius - Star-Lord

Peter Quill (Star-Lord) is an upbeat person with a sarcastic side and an optimistic view on life. Sagittarius would relate to him as they both have a great sense of humour and fantastic energy. Both Quill and Sagittarius are protective of the things that mean a lot to them and they both have a sentimental side. Quill and Sagittarius are weary of acting without thinking and try to hold back their impulses.

Capricorn - Hulk

Bruce Banner is a mysterious and shy character, something that Capricorns can relate to. Both Banner and Capricorn are compassionate and terrified they may hurt someone. One of Capricorn's biggest fears is hurting someone's feelings. Neither of them can handle stress very well and Capricorn knows that they must take regular breaks from work, otherwise they let stress consume them!

Aquarius - Shuri

Shuri definitely doesn't represent the shy side of an Aquarius, but she does have an eccentric side to her. She is the character for Aquarius, as she is independent, original and always looking towards the future. Shuri is a true Aquarian thinker, as she is a genius inventor. Aquarius get bored very easily and are always looking towards the next project, just like Shuri.

Pisces - Jane Foster

Jane Foster is an incredibly intellectual person and just like Pisces, is extremely dedicated to what she loves. Both Jane and Pisces are willing to do anything for their passions and will devote big parts of themselves to their projects. Pisces often have trouble relaxing, as they are constantly thinking about their next project! Jane and Pisces have faith in themselves, even when others doubt them.

By Pia Louisa

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