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Star Signs As TV Characters

With the zodiac signs each having such distinct traits, there are plenty of TV characters to show their interesting personalities!

Aries - Schmidt 'New Girl' and Kelly Kapoor 'The Office'

Aries people are definitely a mix between Schmidt and Kelly. Schmidt is hilarious and very impulsive, just like the typical Aries who sometimes can't quite control their emotions. He also makes the conversation about him quite often. Kelly loves attention and although an Aries may not want to admit do they! Aries people would also be wonderful in sales because they are great with people.

Taurus - Miranda Hobbes 'Sex and the City' and Jughead Jones 'Riverdale'

They may seem like a very odd mix, but Taurus really are between Miranda and Jughead! Miranda is a woman on a mission and although she can sometimes come across as unfriendly, she is a loyal friend and a fierce protector of those she loves. Just like other Taurus, she isn't afraid to take down anyone that gets in her way. Jughead has strong Taurus characteristics too, as he is loyal to his town and will always stand up for what is right.

Gemini - Alison Dilaurentis 'Pretty Little Liars' and Clay Jensen '13 Reasons Why'

Geminis are definitely a mix between Alison and Clay. Alison Dilaurentis can't help but be a typical Gemini! She is someone who sometimes gives in to her worst impulses and can be hard to read. Clay is quite complex, which shows as he is always in a different mood. His character changes each season, showing Gemini's unpredictable emotions.

Cancer - Jessica Davis '13 Reasons Why' and Stiles Stilinski 'Teen Wolf'

Cancerians share many characteristics of these two characters. Jessica, towards the second and third seasons of the show, continues to work on her emotions and shows that being vulnerable can also show strength. Stiles celebrates being loved and loyal to those that matter. His emotional depth can almost be seen as psychic because of how well he can understand others, just like a true Cancerian.

Leo - Serena Van Der Woodsen 'Gossip Girl' and Jake Peralta 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

Leos are the very interesting combination of Serena and Jake. Serena is a character that started out saying she wanted time away from the spotlight...but she can't help but come back! Without her even trying, she captures everyone's attention. Jake shows the chaotic side to Leos, as he often doesn't think about the consequences to his decisions. However, he is a good friend and when put in charge always gets the job done.

Virgo - Eric Van Der Woodsen 'Gossip Girl' and Rowena Macleod 'Supernatural'

Eric is the perfect example of a Virgo, as he is always in the shadow of his older sister. He is a man of few words, but always seems to get his point across. When we first meet Rowena, she is cold and calculated, always thinking about the long-term goal. She finds herself being rather different to those around her, but by the end is always willing to help those she cares about, just like any Virgo.

Libra - Jim Halpert 'The Office' and Carrie Bradshaw 'Sex and the City'

Everybody loves Jim! Jim Halpert is a sweet and sensitive guy who waited for his true love for years. He is always positive (just like Libra) and is good at avoiding confrontation. Carrie is an iconic Libra as she is obsessed with the fairy-tale relationship and is prone to mood swings. She is always with her friends, as she knows that friends are the family you choose.

Scorpio - Creed Bratton 'The Office' and Santana Lopez 'Glee'

Creed is an obvious Scorpio as he has their most well known personality trait...mysteriousness. He is a character that has so many secrets, many of which everybody else hopes they never find out. He is a total Scorpio! Santana is a pure Scorpio in the way that she is wonderful at revenge. She shows all of the dark, yet intriguing sides to this star sign.

Sagittarius - Gina Linetti 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' and Sherlock Holmes 'Sherlock'

Gina is outspoken and overly confident, traits that Sagittarius are known for. She constantly gets her way and cares so much for her co-workers that she will always fight for them. Sherlock is a very influential Sagittarius! He is able to look at things with a different perspective and often finds things that others have missed, just like Sagittarius who see the world completely differently to other people.

Capricorn - Dan Humphrey 'Gossip Girl' and Spencer Hastings 'Pretty Little Liars'

Dan Humphrey is an typical Capricorn as he likes to have his quiet time, but is drawn to people who take him out of his comfort zone. He loves to write and has the ability to draw from his real life experiences. Spencer is a loving, yet calculated character. She is always there for people that need her, but is able to tell them that she needs space every once in a while.

Aquarius - Dwight Schrute 'The Office' and Jess Day 'New Girl'

Dwight is our number 1 Aquarius, as if you asked him who he thought the smartest person in the room was, he'd say him! He loves to show off his intellect and keeps his private life very much private. Being the centre of attention isn't for him. Jess is an obviously quirky Aquarius. She loves doing things that challenge her and people can't help but be drawn to her eccentric personality.

Pisces - Winston Bishop 'New Girl' and Blair Waldorf 'Gossip Girl'

Winston is our fist Pisces, as he is intuitive and deeply in touch with his emotions, as well as the emotions of everyone else. He loves to celebrate the good times, but also knows when it's time to sit and talk. Blair is an unexpected Pisces, but if you think about it, it makes sense. She is sensitive and takes her jobs seriously. Blair is a hopeless romantic that enters relationships that aren't the best for her.

By Pia Louisa

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