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Star Signs Ranked From Kindest To Meanest

It is so much fun to see where each zodiac sign ranks in these lists and today we will be focussing on which signs are the kindest and which are the meanest! Don't take any of it personally, it's just for fun! Let's get straight into it.

12. Libra

Libras are known to be the kindest of the zodiac, mainly because they make a conscious effort to be nice to those around them. As they love to keep the peace, Libras will sense any tension around their friends and family and go out of their way to try and make things right again. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Libras are probably one of the best friends you could ask for.

11. Pisces

Pisces love doing things for others. Whether it be physically helping someone with something, or being a source of emotional comfort, Pisces love feeling needed. They are very generous and don't mind going out of their way to help. Pisces strive to live a stress-free life and avoid holding grudges against people that have done them wrong. They know it's not worth their time.

10. Taurus

Taurus will be there for you when you need them and will do nice things for others, but they are more than that. Taurus greatest gift lies in their patience. It is very difficult for a Taurus to get angry, as they will express how they are feeling in the moment, instead of keeping it all inside and exploding later on. Taurus focus on what they love instead of anything negative.

9. Capricorn

If a Capricorn is in a bad mood, they hate everything and can occasionally be stand-offish, however, it is not intentional. Capricorns are usually really nice people, but unlike the signs above, setting them off is a little bit easier. Capricorns try not to show their attitude, but sometimes it sneaks through! If you catch them on an off day, don't fret, they will soon be back to their normal selves.

8. Aquarius

Aquarians won't tolerate mean people. They know they don't have time to deal with rude behaviour and will swiftly move away from anyone they don't like. Aquarians do have rare bad days, but they don't want to live their lives in a mood, so will try their hardest to get back to normal. If an Aquarian feels you aren't treating them right, then they will be unpleasant to be around!

7. Leo

As well as being one of the funniest signs of the zodiac, Leos are generous and will try to be there for the people they care about. However, if they are betrayed, they can become angry and won't forgive easily. First impressions of a Leo aren't always right, as they often come across as arrogant, but once you get to know them, you see their true selves.

6. Sagittarius

Sagittarius don't like negativity. They very much prefer to stay out of the drama and to live their lives away from people that cause it. However, as they are very blunt and will cut you off without hesitating, Sagittarius can seem unkind and cold. This isn't true, as all they want is to live without judgement. If you accept them as who they are, you will see their kind heart.

5. Cancer

Cancerians are very emotional, but are skilled at hiding them. They are strong and like to make the people around them as comfortable as possible, but when it comes to their goals, nothing is going to stop them. Cancerians know what they want out of life and aren't going to let anyone get in their way. If you let them live as they please, you will get their caring side, if not, then watch out!

4. Gemini

A kind Gemini = a loving and caring friend. A mean Gemini = being in a world of pain! As they are represented by the dual personality, you can never be quite sure what you are going to get with them. If you get them in a good mood, enjoy it and don't ask questions, but if you catch them in a bad mood, be prepared for a dispute of some kind. Make sure your Gemini friend feels loved as that will hopefully keep them happy.

3. Aries

Aries have a very short fuse and can explode at any moment! They don't like being mean and actually feel very bad after, but they just can't help themselves. As a fire sign, instead of dealing with their emotions as they come, they build and build on them until the only thing they can do is let it all go in a fit of rage. When an Aries does this, let them be and they'll come back when they are ready.

2. Scorpio

Scorpios have a bad reputation, but they aren't the meanest of the zodiac. They are very dedicated to what they believe in and that can sometimes come across as selfish. Although they come across badly sometimes, deep down they have lots of emotions, but find it hard to show them in the right way. Sadness can come across as anger and aggression and happiness can come across as arrogance.

1. Virgo

Ah Virgo! Let's just say first, they don't intend to come across as mean. Virgos don't really have a filter when it comes to what's in their brains. When they see something, they have to commentate on it. This can offend people easily and make them think that Virgos are mean. In reality, they are trying to help people become better versions of themselves, but it doesn't always come across that way.

By Pia Talbot

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