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Symbols Of Hope

Hope is something we should always have. Here are some signs and symbols to keep holding onto hope.


Anchors symbolise hope, strength, persistence and security. They are used to keep ships safe, especially during bad weather. Anchors help keep boats and ships from moving into dangerous waters. They also provide hope that the boat will survive the harsh weather. Therefore, if you see anything symbolising an anchor, know that any bad situations you may be going through are going to pass and that you are being protected.


Butterflies symbolise hope and wishes coming true. They were believed to be messengers in Native American culture and would carry people's wishes on their wings. The wishes people made to butterflies were thought to be ones that weren't easily attainable. If you see a butterfly, make a wish for something that you really want and know that hope is on your side.

8-Pointed Star

The 8-pointed star is a symbol of hope for the future. 8 is often known as the most important number for balance. It is also called Star Knowledge in Native American culture. This symbol of hope is the one mainly focussed on the future. The 8-pointed star is a sign to keep going and have faith that the future is going to be amazing. If you see this symbol, know that you have nothing to fear.

By Pia Louisa

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