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Symbols Of Positivity

Symbols are powerful things that can connect to your subconscious mind. Today's symbols are signs that you should stay positive! Some of these symbols might be ones you are unfamiliar with, but they are all associated with positive energy, good luck and prosperity.

The Lotus Flower

The Lotus flower is a symbol of enlightenment and perseverance, and you can't persevere unless you remain positive. This symbol has been used in many places, but its origins go back to Ancient Egypt. Lotus flowers close up at night and open in the mornings, so they are associated with resurrection. This beautiful symbol has its roots in the mud, but blooms in the water, looking fresh and pure.


Hearts are obviously signs of positivity, as they are associated with love! The symbol of a heart shows the close personal relationships in your life and can make you think about everyone you love. Being reminded of all the people in your life who love you can help you stay positive when you feel like being the opposite. Draw a little heart on a piece of paper and think about the people close to you.


Carnations are beautiful flowers that bloom in the late spring. They symbolise fascination and love and come in many colours. Pink carnations symbolise gratitude, white ones represent purity and luck, and red ones symbolise love and affection. If you see any carnations during the next few months, remember to stay positive and grateful for everything you already have.

By Pia Louisa

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