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Tarot Cards As Movies

Understanding what each tarot card means can often be quite confusing, therefore associating them with something you're familiar with can help you figure out what they are trying to tell you.

0. The Fool - 'The Truman Show'

The Fool represents the start of a new journey and wanting to find out what life is really about. Truman fits this card perfectly, as although at the start of the film he believes he has already started his life, his journey out into the world hasn't even begun yet. The Fool is all about understanding that each person's journey is different and remembering to enjoy your unique life.

1. The Magician - 'Now You See Me'

The Magician is the juggler of the tarot deck and is always trying his hand at different things. 'Now You See Me' represents this card, not only because it's about a group of magicians, but it shows that everything isn't always what it seems and you must be in control of your own life in order to get what you want. The Magician is all about recognising your gifts and using your powers well.

2. The High Priestess - 'Little Shop Of Horrors'

The High Priestess is the moon goddess of the tarot deck. You would think of her as the silent type, but there is much more under the surface. 'Little Shop Of Horrors' represents this card, as the main characters are shy and kind on the outside, but once you get to know them, you see that there is much more to their personalities. The High Priestess is all about trusting yourself and learning to trust others.

3. The Empress - 'The Princess Diaries'

The Empress is the Queen of the tarot and perfectly embodies Julie Andrews' character in 'The Princess Diaries' movies. This card is full of feminine energy and wants all women to live up to their fullest potential. The Empress is all about true acceptance of yourself and how the richest of people are actually those who are happiest. Queen Clarisse in these films is the ultimate Empress!

4. The Emperor - 'The Lion King'

The Emperor is the King of the tarot and is the ultimate father figure. 'The Lion King' embodies this card, as it is all about a father's love and The Emperor, when it appears, wants you to think about how you can model yourself based on a father figure in your life. The Emperor is all about trusting your vision, building yourself a better life and waiting for the best to come to you.

5. The Hierophant - 'The Adjustment Bureau'

The Hierophant is someone that believes in right and wrong and how everyone has a destiny. 'The Adjustment Bureau' captures the essence of this card, as it is about believing in destiny, whether that means following the path set for you, or forging your own path. The Hierophant understands that practise makes perfect and that working towards the greater good is in people's best interests.

6. The Lovers - 'Eat Pray Love'

The Lovers is a card that has one definition, love! It wants you to navigate between your head and your heart. 'Eat Pray Love' is perfect for this card, as it is about a woman finding herself and falling in love along the way. The Lovers card is about love, but it doesn't matter whether it is romantic, friendship, or self-love. It is a card about making the right decisions for yourself.

7. The Chariot - 'The Wizard Of Oz'

The Chariot is a card about going on a journey and finding out more about yourself along the way. 'The Wizard Of Oz' can be associated with this card, as it is about a girl being far away from her home and figuring out her own way, all while meeting new people while on her journey. The Chariot wants you to know that things may not always be easy, but you can still handle whatever is thrown at you.

8. Strength - 'A Quiet Place'

Strength is about staying strong in the times where you want to be weak and how finding your inner strength can calm internal demons. 'A Quiet Place' embodies this card as the characters are thrown into a situation where they must change the way they live their lives. It is about asking yourself what you would do for the people you love. Strength is all about perseverance and seeking out a better strategy.

By Pia Louisa

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