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Tarot Cards As Movies

Today is part 3 of understanding each tarot card by associating it with a movie! The next group of cards will finish off the major arcana, while also dipping into some of the court cards (Pages, Knights, Queens and Kings). Understanding the tarot cards you get in readings gets easier when you associate them with something you already know.

18. The Moon - 'The Princess Bride'

The Moon represents night energy and illusion. 'The Princess Bride' fits this card perfectly, as it is all about a grandfather telling his grandson a story, yet we as the audience think of the story as being true. Were Buttercup and Westley real, or was it all just an illusion? The Moon is all about knowing that difficult situations and feelings will change and tough times will pass.

19. The Sun - 'Annie'

The Sun shows the hopefulness of daylight and how there is a childlike energy within all of us. 'Annie' represents this card, as even though she has a horrible life with Miss Hannigan, Annie still never loses her optimism, which eventually gets her the life that she has always dreamed of. The Sun wants people to recognise and nurture the relationships and places where their light can shine.

20. Judgement - 'West Side Story'

Judgement wants rebirth and reflection from those who receive it. 'West Side Story' represents this card, as it is all about a love story that ends tragically because the people around them are judging others without judging themselves. If you look at yourself and find the areas you can improve on, everyone you know will benefit. Judgement is all about never giving up and keeping the fire of life lit.

21. The World - 'Men In Black'

The World represents a long journey finally coming to an end and being able to appreciate all that you have done and 'Men In Black' shows this perfectly. This movie shows that fighting the bad leads to victory, and what's a better ending after a long journey than saving the world? This tarot card is all about keeping connected to the world and nurturing your inner needs.

Page of Cups - 'You've Got Mail'

The Page of Cups is all about love and curiosity. 'You've Got Mail' embodies this card, as it is about two people falling in love, even though they have never met each other in person before (or so they think!). Looking at someone on the surface level gets you nowhere. Understanding who they are deep down is how you can make your mind up about them.

Page of Swords - 'Daddy's Home'

The Page of Swords is all about new ideas coming to you and really using your mind. 'Daddy's Home' captures the essence of this card, as throughout the movie, Brad tries to be a good stepfather by trying to figure out ways to bond with his new kids. However, as soon as their real father comes back into the picture, logical thinking gets thrown out of the window completely!

Knight of Wands - 'Rear Window'

The Knight of Wands is a card that can be described by one word, change. It is all about putting an action plan together and doing something you have never done before. 'Rear Window' is perfect for this card, as it is about a photographer who is recuperating after braking his leg and after spying on his neighbours, he finds a shocking discovery, which leads to a journey like no other.

Queen of Wands - 'The Maze Runner'

The Queen of Wands is a card about building foundations and starting from scratch in order to put into action what you have wanted to do all along. 'The Maze Runner' can be associated with this card, as the characters in this movie lose their memory and must find a way back to their normal lives. The Queen of Wands makes things happen and won't leave anything up to chance.

King of Pentacles - 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'

The King of Pentacles is about protecting what you already know and love and taking care of material possessions. In 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang', the family creates a flying car that takes them on a magical journey. This card wants you to enjoy the things you have in your life and not to feel guilty about liking the possessions you own. Take pride in what you have.

By Pia Louisa

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